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  1. Absolutely, no idea if it's true. They could have certainly 'leaked' that piece of information on purpose.
  2. There's a (pay-walled) article on The Athletic by Basu and Godin, they're reporting Waddel offered the 2 compensation picks we got for the succesful OS plus one of their prospects not named Seth Jarvis before submitting the offer sheet, so we could have taken those picks plus one of Rees, Gunler, Bokk, or Ryan Suzuki. Looks like the Habs weren't willing to do that though and thought the Hurricanes were bluffing, so Carolina pulled the trigger and paid Kotkaniemi 6.1M.
  3. Agreed but I'm still concerned though because I don't trust our player development. We had a couple of top 5 picks in the not-too-distant past and both are gone now without having helped us all that much. I understand that Montreal is a difficult market but at some point we probably should start asking the tough questions. Who's to blame here? Scouting, drafting, development, the players themselves or all of the above to some degree? I don't have the answer but what I do know is that if you have a top 5 pick, you better make it count. We failed twice.
  4. I'm absolutely fine with being REALLY bad for a year or two if that translates into acquiring legitimately talented players who could potentially help us for a decade. Just look at the attendance, people in Montreal aren't interested in the team MB assembled. I hate being a bubble team and just going with the flow, while the GM tells us 'once you make it to the playoffs, anything is possible'. Yeah, we made it to the finals last year and it's been an amazing run we all enjoyed but deep down we all knew this wasn't sustainable. So did the players. I'm honstely sick of having a mediocre team that needs magic beans and a goalie standing on his head to go on a run once in a blue moon. The team is lacking truly elite talent at key positions and it's been the status quo for years. Rinse and repeat? Yeah, maybe we make it to another cup final in like 20 or 30 years from now, that's how long it took us the last time anyway. I'd rather suck for a few years if that's what it takes.
  5. I don't think we can afford including our first rounder in a trade unless we're using it to acquire a truly elite player, there's a legit chance it's going to be very high pick so the player coming back would have to be really worth it.
  6. Indeed, I wouldn't be surprised if he's out long term. And he should absolutely take all the time he needs, there's no point in rushing back given the current state of affairs. Having him back there could give the boys some additional confidence, but our problems seem to go much deeper than that. We're thin down the middle and have a poorly constructed defense, which is amplified by Weber's and Edmundson's absence. Carey is not going to fix that and he won't be scoring goals for us either.
  7. Completely agree, having Kotkaniemi wouldn't solve our issues right now. Having both Kotkaniemi AND Dvorak would make a difference, but that's unrealistic because MB would never have traded for CD if KK was still around. Losing Weber was a huge blow, both in the room and on the ice. Losing Price was another, but Allen hasn't been bad. Edmundson would give the D more stability as well. Additionally, both Romanov and Caufield seem to have taken a step back, but there's no point in singling players out. Virtually everyone is struggling and playing well below their usual level at the moment.
  8. No doubt. Allen is playing well enough, and that's all we can ask for, but we're still giving up way too many scoring chances and goals in general. There's no quick fix for this, without Weber everybody else needs to step up but so far our team defense has been a disaster just like everything else... offense, special teams, take your pick.
  9. The Lafreniere goal right after we took the lead in the home opener, Gallagher's disallowed PP goal, and KK putting the nail in the coffin yesterday – it's all starting to feel like a really bad movie. Though it's still early in the season, the gap is already pretty big and even with Price back in the lineup I don't really see this team suddenly turning on the jets and starting to play like a contender. Essentially everything that could go against us will go against us at this point and I have no idea how to stop the bleeding. We had a relatively easy schedule so far and have zero points to show for it. We'll start winning some games eventually but I'm afraid it just won't be enough.
  10. Almost complete ineptitude offensively?
  11. Tough to watch them playing in complete disarray
  12. Just glad we didnt start this off with another o-zone penalty
  13. No issues with the call, as always, if they called this consistently across the league, which they don't.
  14. 5 hole was way open on that breakaway for Anderson
  15. Yeah, I'm a sucker for drama and can't miss KK's return to Montreal. I'm gonna hate myself for this later at the office but there's no way I'm not going to watch at least the first period
  16. Like I said before, I wouldn't mind Strome at the right price. Yeah, he's not perfect, otherwise he wouldn't be available, but I don't like our centre depth at all. We were fine with Suzuki/Danault/Kotkaniemi/Evans... we're not fine with Suzuki/Dvorak/Evans/whatever. Too bad Poehling had a poor camp, that centre spot was really his to lose.
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