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  1. Yeah, I was trying to be nice and went for a rather conservative estimate There's certainly a point to be made that he did give up more than one weak goal per game but be that as it may, the outcome is the same. Fact is we need him to be much better and he's simply not been good enough, while Allen really didn't have a weak game yet.
  2. I don't think there's a way around it at this point. Allen deserves the net for at least a few games in a row, while Price looks like he needs a break. The season is young and despite a few stellar saves he had no business making, he has also let in a number of stinkers and his stats speak for themselves. We have the best (and most expensive) goalie tandem in the league, not using it to our advantage would be insane. The last time Carey was a backup, it actually helped him and made him stronger mentally. Who knows, maybe that's exactly what he needs right now. A reliable goalie is what the tea
  3. Yep, that’s what I thought too. Pretty sure MB was ready to move on after our little playoff run without Julien behind the bench, but he couldn’t really because ‘optics’. That’s probably why he didn’t hesitate and canned him that early in the season. It‘s the right move I think, not sure if he did lose the room at some point but the boys certainly didn’t play for the coach either.
  4. Well, thanks Claude. That was quicker than expected...
  5. We somehow managed to make the Sens look like the Lightning during that first period last night, they beat us to every single puck and our D mostly looked like they were skating in quicksand. I'm still not sure what to make of the current edition of the Habs, even though on paper it's clearly the strongest team we've had in a long time. Bergevin's additions have all exceeded my expectations so far, especially Toffoli and Anderson, while our old core seems to be struggling mightily. However, I think we need more from guys like Danault, Tatar, Weber, Chiarot, and Price. It's also no surprise tha
  6. Wow, stopped watching after the terrible 1st period, but it looks like the boys found a way to get back into the game. Lights-out saves by Price, but also two weak goals (at least). It's becoming a bit of a pattern... maybe it's really time to give Allen more games. No idea how you disallow Gallagher's goal but okay, it's NHL officiating. I've stopped trying to make sense of it a while ago and I'm pretty sure the goal stands had it been the other way around. Murray had eons to get back up and in position, he clearly didn't intend to.
  7. Man, this is some poor hockey so far...
  8. Well, I caught the first period at least and went to be with a pretty good feeling. Looks like I didn't miss much
  9. Sounds good to me Yeah, the last game against the Sens was pretty bad. They definitely need to step it up tonight, otherwise it'll be ugly.
  10. Not that much of a difference I'm off work tomorrow, so I'll try and catch the first period at least.
  11. Trying to stay awake for this one, not sure if that's a good idea though
  12. Or when the coach regularly benches all sorts of players... it may be the coach All joking aside, this is going to be really interesting to watch. I think Laine is what he is and no coach is going to fundamentally change how he plays. He's probably the best pure shooter in the game but can be really frustrating to watch when he's off.
  13. I'm totally with you, it frustrates me to no end. You could also add Dubé's hit on Kotkaniemi to the list, where the head was the primary (only?) point of contact, too. I mean, everybody stopped playing, expecting a call. Instead, nothing. And afterwards all the talk about it being 'unavoidable', which is just utter BS in my opinion. Accidents aside, I think there's always a way to finish a check without hitting someone to the head, unless you've already overcommited and can't slow down anymore, which in turn means you're responsible and it's not an unavoidable contact. I get that hockey is a
  14. Edmundson did fight Myers in the next game, not sure what else you expect them to do. They also humiliated Vancouver in those games, which usually stings a lot more than 'sending a message'. The real problem is poor officiating and the lack of supplemental discipline by the NHL and their ridiculous department of player safety. This clearly needs to change but we're not the only team affected by those issues. I also don't think it's possible to keep our young players safe by going headhunting or taking matters into our own hands, it'll turn into a gong show and protects no one. I'd always take
  15. We do have players with balls and toughness, brains tend to go a longer way though. It was a 1-goal game we probably didn't deserve to win, no point in sending a message that could cost us the game. I'd rather take the two points and make sure to send that message the next time we face them, there's still plenty of opportunity for retribution.
  16. This all looks very promising indeed, Caufield could turn out to be a legit steal at #15.
  17. Too bad, never mind though. I'll deal with it and let's hope it gets fixed at some point.
  18. Thanks for looking into this boss, so no chance to fix it somewhow? It's kinda annoying and gives the impression of the forum being in beta stage. I don't think the issue is limited to dropdowns, those boxes are essentially everywhere. It's as if they're replacing some sort of symbol in the HTML/CSS code of the webpage.
  19. Ever since the latest upgrade/update, I'm seeing weird numeric code instead of buttons all over the forums. Any idea how to get rid of this? I've tried both Firefox and Chrome but the issue is present in both browsers (see screenshots).
  20. I have a feeling that Danault already regrets not signing that contract extension (if the reports are accurate).
  21. Absolutely, I'm 100% interested in acquiring Dunn if the price tag is reasonable. Given the number of prospects we already have in the system and how good the team has played so far, I probably wouldn't mind including this year's first rounder in a potential deal. I know it's really early and we've seen the team going on hot streaks before but I have a feeling that we're not going to end up with a high draft pick this season. Getting Dunn would also probably mean Mete is expendable, so we could swap him for another pick if need be.
  22. I'm wondering what happened there, the kid is still young and has 3 full, relatively productive NHL seasons under his belt. Usually that's not the kind of player you give away just like that. I saw the turnover vs. the Kings but unless him coughing up the puck is a regular thing, there has to be more to it.
  23. Strange all around, but I'll take it
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