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  1. Way to go Canadian Mike,well done!!!This will be something to look forward to!I'm thinking of adding Centre Ice to my sattelite package so that I might catch a few more of the Blues' games than I might otherwise not get.Thanks for the exta interest I'm sure we'll have this hockey season while remaining true bleu blanc et rouge fans regardless of another dissapointing season likely being in store for us. We'll love 'em anyway"!!!!!
  2. And Lappy is reportedly taking boxing lessons (hopefully to back up his own mouth when he plays the role of our favourite pest)so ,if that is the case ,we should be good to go!?
  3. That would certainly have made headlines for sure,but also,it would have made headlines repeatedly until the battle over who keeps the number 99 was solved!
  4. Good!That means that maybe I'm not as stupid as I look?

  5. I don't know how to make use of this "friends' list feature.?I'm not as adept at computers as you are.

  6. Simply,the best answer is ,Koivu should be our captain.If our dodo decides he should be castrated(oops I mean cast)from the team,then you might as well make Subban or some kid captain for all the leadership we can hope to get from this squad until somebody steps up and does a strong and admirable imitation of Saku.
  7. I thought it was pretty clear that the intent was to get a consensus opinion on who to name captain in the event that Saku chooses to move on!? I love Koivu as captain and don't want to see him leave,but if he does....................what then?We must force ourselves to remember that this poll is not about kicking saku out!There absolutely is NO REASON to take offense koivu fans!
  8. Oh my God!? Don't you think he has enough on his plate trying to learn how to skate so he can play goal?Besides,as so many of the Price fanatics have pointed out,he is soooo calm and cool how could he be expected to question the officials when needed?That's as big a stretch as thinking Markov could discuss a situation with the referees!?
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