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  1. The A-Team 10/10!! THERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!! action, love, comedy!!! BRADLY COOPER FOR GIRLS!! <3 Jessica Biel for the guys! lol
  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE MY SIGS!!!! thank you CLUES!! Cammelleri!
  3. well if you love comedy, ITS HALARIOUS!! its a joke but its soo funny! chris rock is great!
  4. actually the new one lol!! I guess i have weird movie taste!! THE LOSERS 8/10 it was great!!
  5. Death at a Funeral 9/10!!! IT WAS SOOOO FUNNY!!!!!!
  6. CAN ANYONE PLEASE MAKE ME A SIG!!! messege me!!! please!!
  7. GREEN ZONE!!!!!!!! 9.5/10 Matt Damon<3 HURT LOCKER!!! 10/10
  8. NICEE!! make shure you tell Ryder your biggest girl fan named Ida said Hi and also stay as i hab i have faith in you and you wil always be my favorite!! LOL!! but if you could that would be nicee!! thanks!!

  9. Thanks. I've been around hockey a long time. I play with a very diverse group of individuals who also know and love hockey. Being from Newfoundland, I like Ryder and other Newfs in the NHL

  10. hey ryder is my favorite plaery to...lol i am just bored but it is true i mean he scores all thetime!!

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