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  1. Hopefully the team can get some momentum rolling in the final games.
  2. lol so it's not just me I guess I'll just have to deal with it. I remember the pre-change forum with 3 HABS players and the random BestBuy logo, good times
  3. hey guys, is there a setting or something that would automatically log me in or keep me logged in when I leave when I leave and return to the forum? everytime, I have to type in my user name and password again, and it's kinda annoying:P
  4. Agreed on both. I understand the NHL nowadays is a business but something like the Winter Classic, I would like to see them focus more on the game side of hockey. I mean I like to think the Winter Classic started as kinda like a way to get back to the roots of hockey, and they should focus on that.
  5. There goes the Lakers chances in the playoffs :/
  6. Not a big fan of so many, kinda takes away the "specialness" of these games.
  7. haha, the only reason why i watched sorority row was because of the girls
  8. oh man, i watched it a year ago lol, i don't remember much of it actually. i remember first watching it thinking it wouldn't be good but came out thinking yea, it was good. lol oh, i really liked the part where they were pretending to be italians, and the bear jew part was funny.
  9. really???!!!! I give it atleast an 8. i dunno, i think its cuz i really liked jonny deps acting
  10. actually, i got a question. Cobb said that the spiny thing was his wife's and he stole it from her. So how can HE use it??? Remember when Ariadne was shown the dice by the sidkick guy, didn't he say something about not being able to be used by other people??? and I agree with you about the ending. But to add on to it, Cobb doesn care if he's in reality or dream anymore, because he accepted that that moment was reality.... that's what i think.
  11. Inception ummm 8.5/10 *Spoiler Very good movie. Everyone was hyping it up so much that when I saw it, it wasn't what I was expecting. The ideas in the movie were crazy (in a good way), and the concepts of inception were very well thought out. But the motive behind why it all happened wasn't so good imo. I thought that it could have revolved more around Cobb's story instead of the Fisher thing (which didn't seem that neccessary imo). Very good movie tho, really makes you think.... is he still dreaming???
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