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  1. I also see Mayer as a career AHLer. He is notoriously inconsistent, while Tokarski has had great numbers for a bad Hamilton team. If Tokarski out performs Mayer next season and runs consistent numbers, I see him competing for Carey's backup. I like Budaj, but I also believe that Tokarski has good potential, and Price would benefit from a young backup who would push him to be better.
  2. Learn french, Shrink about 2 feet, change his name to David, and acquire the infamous nickname of "DD".
  3. Sens gameplan : Suck all night, get outplayed, dish the puck to Karlsson and Alfredsson, take weak shots on net, get lucky. Kind of funny how fortune they've been this series I think it's safe to say that we've outplayed them in every game except for game 3.
  4. Hahaha i hate the Senators. They have no business leading this game, let alone a playoff series.
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH The Sens are so BRUTAL. LOOOOOOOOOOL. Ridiculous how many bounces they get. #SecondRoundSweep #Benders #Luck
  6. Ottawa is the luckiest team in the league. Thing about luck is, it usually runs out.
  7. Armstrong has had about 4 break aways this year and he has yet to score on any of them. What gives.
  8. Yeah but that would make too much sense of Ottawa got the call. Refs decide to throw a little twist in there.
  9. Galchenyuk is going to be such a pleasure to watch for years to come. He's awesome.
  10. The sens do not belong in the second round. They are NOT a good hockey team. They have 2 good players. I don't usually blame refs, and I almost never call a team "lucky" to win a game or a series. But.. The Sens got lucky, and the refs were brutal this series. Watching Ottawa and their 7 fans cry after being eliminated 4-0 next round will be so satisfying. I don't think I've been more confident in anything than knowing that the road will end abruptly for Ottawa in the second round. Then everyone's Karlsson-Colored glasses will come off and they will realiz what a poor team Ottawa actually has.
  11. Lol I ain't even mad actually Stick with this team until the end, which looks to be near. Proud of what we accomplished this year. Just got all the wrong bounces, injuries, and the slump. Still, proud of the boys. With that said, I wouldn't be apposed to seeing Mayer play tonight. I would have rather seen Tokarski, because I believe he is the better tender, but oh well. I don't think Mayer will be with the team much longer, might as well get him in a game. It was a good season.
  12. Because he still thinks he can win the series. Noble, but foolish. Maybe if we hadn't have lost half of our team to injuries, including our starting goalie. The only good thing about the Price injury is the fact that we now have (practically) confirmation that Price was playing hurt for a very long time. A healthy goalie would not have gotten hurt on that play. I want to see Robert Mayer!!
  13. Put the kid on a line with someone who he can work with. Not grinders. Come on now Therrien, use your head.
  14. Atrocious rebound by Budaj, and the pattern of outplaying the sens and allowing a sloppy goal continues.
  15. I wont even be upset if we lose tonight. I was so angry last game that I completely gave up on this year and have shifted my focus to the summer time. There is no possible way that I could get any more angry at tonight's game. Which makes me feel not even excited about tonights game to the point where im not sure I even want to watch. I know that makes me sound like awfully bad fan, but Tuesday nights game just took all of the wind out of my sails. It felt like the end of the season, for me at least. With that said, I do want us to win tonight. But since the realist in me has already accepted that we are going to be eliminated, I just can't get excited for this one. Don't mean to bring the party down though. Of course I still want them to win, like always.
  16. Can anybody make a pass?!? Seriously! Stop giving the puck away. We haven't had a quality scoring chance all game! This is honestly a pathetic display of playoff hockey. Any other team and we would be down by 3 goals.
  17. Not if we play like this. We're blowing it big time here. The only way the Sens beat us is when we make mistakes or play awful. Saddest part is that we have a prime opportunity to take the series lead, and we come out flat.
  18. I don't even bother talking about or complaining about Desharnais anymore as i've just come to expect his awful play.
  19. I agree. Pacioretty has been a complete non-factor for a while now. He needs to figure it out and get his game together.
  20. Much tighter game is needed in the 2nd. Have to be first on every loose puck and willing to work hard in the dirty areas. As well as some urgency in clearing the zone. Glad the boys tied it up, but they're capable of so much more.
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