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  1. What happens first? Habs win Cup or Cleveland Browns win Super Bowl? #FireMarcNow
  2. Until fans start voting with their wallets, nothing will change. I’ve been on the season ticket waiting list for 9 years and am awaiting the email that my 20 game package in the Reds is available for the upcoming season. After seeing what atrocities Bergevin and Molson have committed, I’ve decided to Not make the purchase. Unfortunately my decision won’t matter as there are literally thousands on the list who will scoop my spot. I live 3 hours away and usually spend the night at the Marriott during game nights. Add in dinner, breakfast, parking, refreshments, souvenirs, etc, my total spend (including 2 tickets) is in the $1000-1,200 range per game. Multiply that by 20 and you can see it’s a pretty decent commitment. Molson’s decision to stand by his foxhole buddy also affects the local economy. If only more fans would boycott games, Maybe he would get the message (huge maybe).........,. With that said, my bank account gonna look a lot healthier over the next several years. Just need to figure out a way to hide from my wife’s swimming pool aspirations. Haha
  3. Couldn’t agree more with what Big Ted wrote above. I live 2.5 hours away, and have been on the season ticket waiting list since 2009. Recently I received notice that next season my wait will be over, and the two tickets in the Reds will be available. Truly struggling with what to do: we’re talking over $8,000 for the two seats (20 game partial season ticket holder). When you figure in gas, food, lodging, etc, probably add another $2500-$4000 on top of that. At this point, with this GM in charge of the Titanic, I just can’t pull the trigger. My plan is to wait to see what transpires between now and Summer, and make the decision at that point. Not sure if I can delay my purchase at that point, but I refuse to support this current regime. M
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