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  1. What is really bu8gging me in all this is the lack of media outrage at Chara's ***** excuse. Did he no it was Paciretty? According to Chara he didn't even know Patches was on the ice. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm How come not one reporter has said anything about this? I used to play hockey. I never was any good. I never had a chance to make it anywhere near the pros. I sucked. But I never went out for a face-off and not take note of who was out there against me. I was a 13-15 year old, in a lousy kids league, and I always knew who was out there against me on a face off. For Chara to suggest he didn't know that Patches was on the ice is absolutely absurd, and the worst lie I have ever heard. I'm sure every last player in the NHL heard his comment and thought yeah right what a load of hogwash. Every palyer knows he did it on purpose, even if they won't admit it (possibly for fear of repurcussuions by the league), but they all know it. They all know Chara has ZERO respect for other players in the game. If he's willing to drive someone's head into the glass he's willing to drive a player into an open door and he's willing to stick you in the EDIT, in the eye, in the throat. The guy is the worst player ever to play in the NHL in my opinion. Before his comments I'd have given him a 10-20 game suspension. With his denail, and such a ***** excuse, I think he should be suspaended for life, or until he mans up and admits he did it on purpose, that he knew full well who it was and that he wanted to injure him. I posted this somewhere else but it could use repeating: Turnbuckles don't kill people. People kill people.
  2. Five of the seven on the poll won't be there next year. Is it between Markov and Hammrlik now....LOL
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