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  1. nice blog alessandro. thanks for all the updates, it's nice to hear what's happening with our prospects overseas.
  2. i agree. he is a 4th line centerman and could be switched to the wing also but his game seems to slowly be getting better
  3. he's just lacking some offensive punch imo. not terrible but not as good as last season
  4. was just nice to see him out there tonight. he gives it his all. with no preseason to get him going he'll shake the rust off soon enough. mmw he'll only get stronger!
  5. it's not like he's a BAD player. i think Chips has alot of grind to his game & at least i know he'll give ya 120% every time he's out there. look for good things to come from him!!
  6. with immediate topline minutes & problably some one on work time to work on his game will help SK tremendously. he'll be back up there is no doubt about it. he ha already been with the big club for approx 100 games so the move to send down now as apposed to after the "BONDING TIME" with the others may be a sign that Martin may want to get a start on his game as soon as possible for a longer & more permanent stay once he does get the call.
  7. it takes the right coach to get players to play at their top potential & i think JM is the right guy for SK
  8. no he wasn't and i haven't heard a thing about max for awhile
  9. has anyone heard of any news on Max. i wonder how he's doing
  10. he'll be there he's a good player with a good coach this year. the thing with SK is iimo he can fit in on diffrent lines & different roles whre other players can't. he'll have a good year mark my words
  11. i question the notion that Max Pac has more skills than SK. they are two different players SK being a little more finesse & Max Pac more of a power forward. tough to compare. SK imo will be more than fine this season and has a place on this squad
  12. another example of how important it is to develop young players. imo he would be building more confidence & developing his game playing in a junior style of system
  13. nice to have connections!!! that's excellent fred keep us posted, very intersted
  14. if anything may be a blessing in disguise. not getting the opportunities in russia may drive him to come over here to play more. wonder if there is such thing as getting released in russia?
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