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  1. Strange. Gui had played good for a couple of games to start the season and basically for four or five games has done very little. It would be nice if he used his size more often. It would be nice if the 3rd line found the net as our team really needs offensive help.

    Is there something wrong with Gui? Or something wrong with Lapierre? Or something wrong with the 3rd member of the line as it just doesn't seem to be doing much good. They don't seem to be doing much bad either but invisible is not a good thing.

    i agree...invisible is the best way to describe them...the come on fart around for a minute and if the other team doesnt score they go to the bench. latendresse is completely invisible out there, i to had high hopes for him. Laps is noticeable but not very productive,,,,,,,,,grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the frustrations

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