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  1. I wonder if we could/should resign this guy...
  2. Oh my the guy still is PPG, I wonder how long can he keep this up...
  3. Just a little reminder to everyone, we never signed this guy, we picked him up through waivers
  4. I like how he can work the boards, but I don't think this has much offensive flair at all. I remember a few seasons back, the Pro-Lats people were all praising his offensive skills and soft hands. He did have so ok numbers in terms of points and quality icetime, but now I'm not sure if he'll ever be more than something in between a 2nd liner and a 3rd liner.
  5. I don't know about that though, if it was really fixable, why hasn't it been done yet? He has been like that for quite a while apparently.
  6. Oh wow I just realized that this guy is over PPG, of course he has only played 3 games but it's still awesome. I knew the guy was relatively decent in Boston but I was thinking if he was starting to lose it when he got waived by Philadelphia. Looks like it was just for cap reasons.
  7. When Markov comes back, Gill won't be wearing an A anymore. Problem solved.
  8. Keep him of course, we can never get too deep with competent offensive Ds. Waive Gill
  9. A huge bargain for what he can bring to the table
  10. I hope he comes back soon, to me he definitely brings to the table more than Chipchura.
  11. Of course not, the guy must be quite rusty. Keep him in Hamilton for now.
  12. I hope people will stop wishing him to be traded away or put on waivers now. However I'm not sure if I would want him to stick around after this season.
  13. http://www.cyberpresse.ca/sports/hockey/20...i-kostitsyn.php Some journalist quotes Plekanec saying that Sergei has to deal with his attitude problems. Not sure how credible the translation and the journalist is.
  14. +100 I wish more sports fan were like you.
  15. I think we should have no captains this season, or maybe alternate a couple of times during the year. But next year I think we should give C to Markov, just to make him more comfortable with signing an extension.
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