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  1. Thanks for taking the time to pass along the udpate. It looks like there is a great deal of promise here.
  2. I'm lost as to why this guy is not being used. I really think, given the chance, that he would help improve our defensive zone coverage, which has been sorely lacking. Again, I have to assume that he is hurt, otherwise this move makes no sense. Finally, how do you expect a guy to show you anything if he is nailed to the bench, or in this case, in the press box. Stewart played 2 minutes last night. I can not be convinced that Chips could have given the team something more then that.
  3. Just wondering if some of you watched the game last night. Gui is not effective in any way whatsoever. To suggest that he is of more use to this team then Chips is a stretch at best. Chips should be playing. Not because he deserves it, not because he is owed it, but because he is the better player with more upside. As for the comment regarding our team becoming the Bulldogs, hey, if we are winning, I would rather go with guys like White, Pyatt, Chips, Carle, etc. At least the effort is there. Gui is not bringing anything to the party at all.
  4. I hate to actually say this, but I am hoping that Chips is unhealthy right now. I really cant think of any other reason why he would not be in our lineup over at least Gui. Anyway, as noted, I am hoping that Martin has a legit reason to keep him in the press box, because I just dont get it.
  5. I really hope we return Chips to the line up asap. I can not understand why he is out and Lats is in. Unless Chips is injured, this makes no sense. Do we have anyone on our team in the forward position who can actually handle themselves tonight? Calgary is a beast and we are running the risk of getting hammered if we have no insurance policy in place (so to speak). Anyway, I hope he is back in when we hit the road. I think this might be Lats last chance.
  6. Totally agree! I was so surprised to see him drop the mits in Calgary, and handle himself very well. He has been really good so far!
  7. I really wonder sometimes if many of you watch the same game as I do. Chips can and has fought this year. Each fight has been effective. In fact, he has won more then he has lost. He has helped to shift momentum during these fights, picking his spots effectively. Although not a big hitter, Chips does not get knocked off of the puck. He has used his size effectively and is very sound in the defensive zone. In fact, prior to being a healthy scratch, Chips was used at times on the PK. As for the faceoffs, Chips has improved significantly and has been better then 50% this season. I would agree that he has very limited offensize upside, however our biggest issue at this point is limiting chances and reducing goals against. Really, the fact that Chips sits in favour of Lats has me completely confused.
  8. Completely agree. Seems to have found a role and more importantly, a coach who has a system and defined roles. Great game fourth line!
  9. Another great game by Metro! We really missed this guy, probably more then any of us can imagine. A great team guy, a great worker and another leader. Way to go Metro!
  10. Welcome back Metro! Our PK and fourth line should see an immediate boost
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