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  1. Biggest positive: Everyone on the forum happy with the new head coach. This has never happened before, at least since I've been here.
  2. I don't disagree with you but what would have been the point of firing Therrien last year when there weren't any viable options out there. At some point, it also comes down to dollars as well. The mistake was extending Therrien's contract. Last season was a lost year and it was pointless to fire him, no one could have come in and helped us especially with Price injured. The mistake was not getting a good backup. We had Budaj and let him go, instead we went with Condon who was clearly not up to the task. All I'm saying it that when the right Francophone coach was made available, he made the right move. Other than that, MB has made way too many mistakes for me to give him credit as a GM in his tenure here in Montreal. Although I do believe that some of the trades he made were influenced by Therrien and the team that he wanted to field on the ice.
  3. I don't mind the big players, we were too small a team. At least the players we got rid of to acquire the big players played an insignificant part on this team and I'll glad we replaced them with bigger players. I would have been upset if we traded little guys that contribute (Byron, Gallagher etc) just for the sake of adding size.
  4. Oh trust me there is no parade planning here. We still have a long way to go. However, I do like the way were are playing now. The team seems a lot more structured after only 8 games with Julien. I wouldn't have wanted Boucher or anyone else for that matter. The best two Francophone coaches at the moment in the NHL are Julien and Vigneault. Glad we got one of them.
  5. I agree with what you're saying but keep in mind that MB did fix one mistake by getting rid of Therrien. Some credit has to go to Bergevin for recognizing that Therrien was the problem all along. Also, keep in mind that it's too small a sample size with regards to the newcomers and what they bring to the table. Maybe with a different team and different coach one of them can become the next Danault.
  6. It's exactly it. If they stay back they're fine but if they pinch or get caught out of position they are both too slow to get back. Surprisingly Markov is quicker then both of them.
  7. Nice to see an actual breakout and decent puck possession. Can't wait to see what Julien can do with this team 20 games down the line. We actually looked like a hockey team tonight as opposed to just giving the puck away by chipping it off the boards. We expended less energy and defended better. Our defensemen actually held on to the puck in our zone and tried to make an outlet pass. I'm excited now.
  8. I agree. If the players are used properly we have a team that can contend for the cup. As I said in the other thread, I'm tired of seeing the rolling of 4 lines. I want to see our better players out on the ice longer. I'm tired of seeing of 3rd and 4th line out on the ice in the final minutes of a game when we're trying to score a goal. What I'm really tired of seeing is just throwing the puck away because our coach is scared we might turn it over. This chip the puck and chase it crap was getting too painful to watch. I can't wait to see Julien bring some structure back to this team and make Habs hockey exciting again.
  9. Like everyone else I feel he's the best candidate for the job. All coaches teach their players to be tough and sometimes play dirty to win, that's normal at the pro level and semi pro level. I don't know why people still feel Babcock is this great coach. He hasn't done anything in Toronto and it's easy to be a great coach when you have the players he had in Detroit. What I like about Julien is that he won a cup without a bunch of superstar players. I can't wait to see what he does in Montreal with the quality players that we have at the moment that were being misused by Therrien. I expect him to preach more offense and give the better players more ice time as opposed to running 4 lines night in and night out. I couldn't stand seeing the 3rd and 4th line out there in the final minutes of the game when we needed to score a goal. We were probably the only team in the NHL that does that. And one more thing: FINALLY THERRIEN IS GONE
  10. Where's Radulov, why is Shaw on his line.
  11. Here we go, we got this. Radulov with the game winner.
  12. It probably had to do with the Habs being in T.O. since Thursday. It gave the injured players a chance to practice with the team as they prepare to work themselves back into the lineup.
  13. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year with health, happiness and prosperity. Thank you all for all your contributions to this forum.
  14. I'm not surprised. Actually I voted for Radulov. His vision and playmaking abilities were sorely missed the two games he sat out. It seems that even when he doesn't put up points, he creates a ton of opportunities for himself and his linemates. The other thing is that his work ethic is contagious. He goes all out every shift and that's just as important as putting up a ton of points.