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  1. At this point you can replace him with anyone on this forum and he'd do a better job. Hockey is not rocket science.
  2. You know what though, at the start of last year we had a decent roster. Then he traded PK and it all went downhill from there.
  3. I don't feel bad for anyone making that kind of money. He has a voice, he can express his displeasure.
  4. Time to clean house and rebuild, starting with Bergevin. He's been a huge disappointment.
  5. Unless we go on a run like the Bruins are on (which is highly unlikely), we have no chance of making the playoffs.
  6. And the worst part is that our goalie is playing the worst hockey of his career.
  7. This is brutal to watch. It's like men playing against boys.
  8. Haha, something like that
  9. That's not what Archie tells me. True.
  10. I've been here and I've been watching you