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  1. Don't blame you. I turned it off. Later
  2. Baffling is good word to describe it. I prefer incompetence.
  3. No point in watching this game. It's so depressing following this team right now.
  4. He's in shape, he can walk
  5. Everything this year and last year has been a big joke
  6. It really is a joke. Our GM is a joke.
  7. Why is Alzner even on this team. Why is he even in the NHL. Why is he making so much money. Oh wait, we have the best GM of all time.
  8. At the time, I thought that getting Julien was a much better option than Therrien. In hindsight, did we mess up? Boston is killing it since Julien left and with the same core players. This whole season has been a mess but we still have the same core of players that were winning once upon a time. Is the coaching bad or is it the players? Would Therrien has done a better job this year?
  9. Bob Gainey is GM again. How did I miss that?
  10. At this point you can replace him with anyone on this forum and he'd do a better job. Hockey is not rocket science.
  11. You know what though, at the start of last year we had a decent roster. Then he traded PK and it all went downhill from there.
  12. I don't feel bad for anyone making that kind of money. He has a voice, he can express his displeasure.
  13. Time to clean house and rebuild, starting with Bergevin. He's been a huge disappointment.