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  1. Am I allowed to say that "we suck" or I am setting a bad example.
  2. Congratulations guys. Well deserved. Thank you for being a part of this community for many years and contributing in such a positive manner. Happy holidays with health and happiness for you and your families.
  3. It does not apply and therefore we have no choice but to ban you.
  4. Price is sitting at number 32 in the league in terms of save percentage and 30th for goals against. At a time when the Habs are averaging 3.3 goals per game, one can only feel that with just average goaltending we'd be winning more games. I personally would like to see him traded or benched. I feel just like the Pacioretty era has ended and needed to end, the Price era needs to end as well. My personal opinion is that we'd be a better team without him. At this stage of the season, he's only costing us games. I just keep shaking my head at some of the goals that he allows and I scream at the television everytime he goes down on his knees on high shots while playing deep in his crease.
  5. Hi,,,, would there be any chance of getting my number of posts reinstated? I believe the correct number is around  47,800, and change. Not sure if you can do it as I know you're busy. 

    No rush. :)

    1. GreekHockeyCoach


      I'll take care of it. 

  6. Forum is programmed to punish all those that talk badly about GHC money.
  7. I spent it. But you can keep your two cents, unless you drop them and I find them
  8. Random chat, talk about anything. I was walking yesterday and I found a dime. That's it, end of story. Pretty random huh? Enjoy!
  9. I just checked all the moderator and admin logs and no one deleted anything from your profile FH. It wasn't us
  10. It works for that particular message and all the replies you gotten and sent. Basically you'll have to do it for each conversation separately.
  11. Once you're in your messenger, click on the conversation. Once in the conversation, on the left column, under participants, you'll see archive conversation. It'll say "Send a copy of this conversation to (your email)" Under that, it'll have a send now button.
  12. I really hope that Crosby is able to play this year. Whether you like him or not there's no denying that he's good for the game of hockey.
  13. lol old man. Get with the times. Following you
  14. I just woke up and got a tweeter account. It's actually pretty cool, I should have gotten one much much sooner. Let's use this thread to post our twitter accounts. Mine is @GHC_Habs
  15. Êtes-vous le partisan ultime des Canadiens sur les médias sociaux? Voilà votre chance de le prouver. Vous pourriez être sélectionné le partisan « médias sociaux » du jour. Comment participer? C’est simple! Remplissez le formulaire ici en nous décrivant comment vous répandez votre passion envers les Canadiens sur les médias sociaux. Vous avez publié sur Twitter des photos de vous en voyage portant des items à l’effigie des Canadiens? Vous avez publié sur votre page Facebook des images de votre sous-sol qui est un véritable sanctuaire dédié à la Sainte-Flanelle? Vous publiez un blogue sur le Tricolore ou êtes un membre actif sur notre babillard? Vous publiez des montages sur le Bleu-Blanc-Rouge sur YouTube? C’est exactement ça qu’on veut voir et savoir… et plus encore. Un gagnant tous les jours À compter du 1er septembre 2011, le partisan « médias sociaux » du jour sera annoncé quotidiennement sur Twitter via @canadiensmtl, le compte Twitter officiel des Canadiens de Montréal. Le partisan sélectionné se méritera ainsi une carte-cadeau d’une valeur de 10$ échangeable à la Zone Canadiens. De plus, le profil du gagnant sera publié sur Dites-le à vos amis, c’est dans votre intérêt. Un grand gagnant à chaque mois Chaque mois, la personne dont le profil aura obtenu le plus de mentions « J’aime »* parmi tous les gagnants quotidiens d’un même mois méritera une paire de billets dans la Zone Molson Ex pour un match des Canadiens au cours de la saison 2011-2012.