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  1. And then this thread is justified once again
  2. Mine is pretty complicated. I visited Greece once, well not really visited, I flew over it. Then I had a dream I was a coach for a peewee team but we never won a game. So I attended a coaching seminar and failed. I can't skate so no one wanted me to be their coach but I was offered a job to carry the coach's board. Regardless, this is online so I still thought it would be a cool name. Just kidding I'm Greek-Canadian and a real hockey coach.
  3. While I agree with everyone saying that our D needs major improvement it doesn't change the fact that Price is allowing weak goals that he would have saved in the past. The last few years we've had trouble scoring goals. That's not the case so far this year. We have a very fast team and a whole bunch of hungry young players that have a nose for the net. I really like the style of hockey we are playing. Our breakouts and transition through the neutral zone are much better than in previous years. If anything, Price should be rejuvenated with all the new faces and the way the team is scoring goals. All he has to do is stop one less goal a game and we'd be winning more often. As a few of you said, he's mentally checked out. When you're making the kind of money he's making, you have to be the best player on the team.
  4. Price is sitting at number 32 in the league in terms of save percentage and 30th for goals against. At a time when the Habs are averaging 3.3 goals per game, one can only feel that with just average goaltending we'd be winning more games. I personally would like to see him traded or benched. I feel just like the Pacioretty era has ended and needed to end, the Price era needs to end as well. My personal opinion is that we'd be a better team without him. At this stage of the season, he's only costing us games. I just keep shaking my head at some of the goals that he allows and I scream at the television everytime he goes down on his knees on high shots while playing deep in his crease.
  5. Actually quite the opposite for Paccioretty. He was the most underpaid player in the league based on the numbers he put up. Still happy to see him go though since he's a one dimensional player. Pleky on the other hand was always a competitor and was put in difficult situations due to his defensive upside. He was an asset for the Canadiens while he was in his prime. Nice to see him retire on good terms. I always liked him as a player, he always gave 100 %. He was a true professional.
  6. Big win. Solid game.
  7. I feel like Jedi said that if we get rid of the dead weight that you mentioned then we have a shot at the playoffs. I feel that given Julien's contract he shouldn't have to worry too much about job security with MB if he decides to keep benching or limiting the playing time for Alzner, Shaw, Deslauriers, Benn and even Price if he doesn't play up to par.
  8. His salary is a huge part of it but clearly not his fault. Having said that, he's not the same Price that was stealing games for us and standing on his head. I don't feel he's in the top 10 in the league anymore and having that contract definitely hurts our chances of moving him.
  9. Agreed. Problem is who will take them. If Julien continues limiting their playing time or scratching them then I have no issues if they're on the team until we can find a trading partner.
  10. I know it's really really early in the season but we look really good so far. It's been a pleasant surprise and the hockey is fast and exciting. How long do you guys feel we can keep this up? Will we crash and burn or are we headed to the playoffs? I predict we'll be a playoff team this year. So far we've been getting it done without Price having to stand on his head. If anything, he's been a bit of a disappointment thus far, too many soft goals for my liking.
  11. Don't blame you. I turned it off. Later
  12. Baffling is good word to describe it. I prefer incompetence.
  13. No point in watching this game. It's so depressing following this team right now.
  14. He's in shape, he can walk
  15. Everything this year and last year has been a big joke