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  1. Zdravstvujte! Hello! I am Russian too! :)

  2. Exactly.. that's a bummer... definitely sounds like he cares more about Severstal and doesn't really give a crap about the Habs drafting him. Personally I wouldn't wabt him here if he plans to come here only because things are not working out "v Sovke".
  3. Here's some more, but this is in Russian: http://www.cpv.ru/modules/news/article.php?storyid=10813 Basically it says that Max's team Severstal-2 took the runner-up to Ak Bars-2 in the Farm Club championship (sort of like our AHL). Maxim Trunev took home the best forward award.
  4. For that MAC AAA international tournament I posted above. Max's stats were GP: 7 G: 5 A: 4 P: 9 PIM: 24 He's quite a trouble maker
  5. Here's what I was able to find through a Russian blog (suprisingly): http://macstournament.ab.ca/tournament_6.html Max scored 2 goals to help his team to a 7:0 win in the finals against the Vancouver NW Giants (I don't think it's the same team that won the Memorial Cup, but it'd be nice...) I'll post more of what I can find on the cyrilc web. As I'm reading into this he also added an assist and 4 PIM for Slashing and Goalie interference.
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