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  1. I agree that McGuire is an idiot but any bias he and/or TSN may have against french Canadian or Russian born players pales in comparison to the favoritism shown to Quebecois players by RDS - its not even in the same ballpark. I didn't notice Lats do anything terribly wrong or exceptionally right for a 4th liner - lets see if he got himself back to where he is capable of playing - which is 3rd line but certainly not 1st.
  2. I don't think his 4th line duty was a result of the injury, he was practicing on that line before he got "hurt" it was likely a result of him doing nothing on 80 to 90% of his shifts so far this year. check out the Armstrong goal from the ATL game - and witness Lats standing there with his feet in concrete as the puck gets pounced on and buried.
  3. is it possible that this is the same type of situation as the Hawks faced w/ Savard. I know Carbo has a ton more coaching experience than Denis but I still do not view him as a true tactition or student of coaching. I am often bothered by what seems like an in ability to adapt to what our opponents are doing agaist us (like Philly's PK for example)...also the team seems very unmotivated and undisciplined, playing with no consistency.
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