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  1. Cant wait for Spring Time

    1. beaubie


      FOR REAL. I love winter and enjoy winter but I need a break lol

  2. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes Guys, Really Appreciate it!
  3. Eastern Conference (1) PIT v (8) NYI: Pens in 4 or 5 (2) MTL v (7) OTT: Habs in 6 (3) WAS v (6) NYR: Rangers in 6 (4) BOS v (5) TOR: Bruins in 5 (Being nice to Laffs fans) Western Conference (1) CHI v (8) MIN: Hawks in 7 (2) ANA v (7) DET: Wings in 7 (3) VAN v (6) SJ: Canucks in 6 (4) STL v (5) LA: LA in 5
  4. Im Sick of this Toronto Garbage, Lets Go Habs, This is a Canadiens Forum, Support our Team, if not don't speak! Montreal MUST WIN TONIGHT BOYS MUST WIN!!! LETS GO CANADIENS!!
  5. Beauty GDT Tonight will be a Huge Deceding game indication us Playing the Laffs or a New York team Round 1, I would prefer a New York team over Toronto Big Time!! Go Habs Go, Price needs to be amazing tonight, as does the Boys Aslong as we play like we did in buffalo we should be fine
  6. My Picks: East Final: Montreal vs Boston West Final: Chicago vs Anaheim SC Final: Montreal vs Chicago could go either way Montreal is my Fav to win the cup this year tho 3rd overall we look great, Price just needs to step it up if we are going anywhere
  7. Beauty GDT Kinot-1 Go Habs Go Lets get another sweep, Would love to see us Sweep the Canes for the 1st time In our History Keep it up Boys!!
  8. Couldn't Agree 100% More, I just cant see a reason why you wouldn't protect your self more
  9. Whats going on With Price Lately? Every time he plays it never ends well for us, He just looked uncomfortable this year, This is the wrong time to start loosing lol Tighten up Pricey Boy
  10. Absoultly right, he looks lost out there lol, Like he dosent understand whats going on, very distracted, he nearly cost us tonight a few times
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