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  1. The topic filter settings you submitted are not valid. Please go back and reset your topic filter settings. How do I do this and why is this popping up? Help!

  2. I realize I'm late on this topic but I just got back on the Forum after a long time away. I live in Moose Country! I've watched Mackinnon play since he was in Atom (AAA). There was a thread on here about 4 years ago discussing up and coming players to watch. At that time I mentioned a young kid named Mackinnon looked real good. WOW, did he ever live up to expectations! Winning the Memorial Cup has done great things for our community and I would hope, has earned Q teams the respect they deserve. (3 Mem Cups in a row!) A lot of people looked at the Moose as a 1 line team, "what would they do without MacKinnon, Drouin, Frk?" Well, over Christmas while all 3 of those players were gone to the WJC, the Moose I believe, went something like 11-3? It was incredible watching those guys work their magic at the Mem Cup! Go Moose!
  3. What happened to the thread with pictures of friends here on the Forum? I know it was here a couple of days ago but now I can't find it!!
  4. A friend of mine used to have a Chevy Truck with the plates LKARCK. It took me a while to figure that out...DUH! Like A Rock! Didn't I feel dumb!
  5. Come on! Everone knows who HRF is! He's the hockey Guru!!! Who doesn't know him????
  6. I bought my first car (used) when I was in high school, a '75 Ford Maverick. Had a 302 V8. Could that thing move. When I finished university, I started a job in sales, so I got my first 'new' car. The great thing was it was a company car, an '85 Celebrity, white with black trim and rally rims. I really liked that one.
  7. Here's a different kind of Habs Jersey. My dog's name is Jersey and he has found a comfortable place to lay. Check out the mat under the dog!
  8. We now have a dog. His name is JERSEY. He is a Lab/Duck Toller mix. He is now about 5 months.
  9. We also had a cat named Zorro! (with 2 r's) He was 18 yrs' old when he died. He was an amazing hunter. Mice were easy for him. He even caught a humming bird once, and they are fast!
  10. Sort of true, french, english and I can order a beer in Spanish! The poster below me has met at least 5 NHL'ers. True to you Mtl1010! My Question still stands: Met 5 NHL'ers
  11. The UFA thread has had pictures of a nude woman's behind posted and copied many times by "Higgins99"

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