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  1. Amen brotha

    I Can't understand it either...Chips is way more effective than Lats IMO

    JM is really treating Chippy Poorly, its time for Chippy to ask for a trade because this team wont give him a chance, id rather be Sergi then Chippy, atleast Sergi is playing, Chippy gets to sit on his butt and watch even though hes played better then half our forwards the few games that JM decided he was allowed to play in

    Im losing faith in JM.

  2. The second this guy gets put on Waivers he will be a Mapleleaf, and every team will try and pick him up, hes a young player, a born leader, and will find his offensive side but hes mainly a defensive player. Great last few games Chippy and hope your a hab for a very long time. Personally i think he will develep into a player like Laps but better.

  3. IMO it was more the case of Sergei plaing well with Lang as opposed to Sergei playing well with Andrei. When they played together with other centres it wasn't nearly as successful (although I admit it didn't happen as often, either).

    I have nothing against having the KosBros playing together per se, but the problem is that it would bring Andrei off the top line. I think Andrei's more valuable with Gomez and Camm, and hopefully Sergei can have a good year in his own right with whoever he ends up playing with.

    I still think Gomez is going to be with Gionta at the start of the season, its the ONLY reason i can see Gainy brining in Gionta, was to hopefully rekindle there chemistry together.

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