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  1. I really need to adjust my mindset when I read your posts because you are so positive and your expectation of our prospects/rookies are so great. Don't get me wrong most of what you say is accurate but always with a stretch to the positive and that is ok - better than the negatively charged poster. In the 70's the Habs were loaded with Norris and Hart trophy candidates. There will never ever be a talented group of players like that on one team again given the number of teams and the new cap world.
  2. Pac's NHL destination could be on the second or 3rd line. It all depends on his ability to deliver offense in the NHL. Not sure yet Pouliot has all the skills to be a top top player - star. Avtsin has amazing offensive skill sets that we have not seen in Mtl in years maybe longer. One year in the A and he will be ready for top 6 duty PK is proven (almost) Eller......... Whow!!! The prospect/rookies do look nice!! Yep, he comes with some risk, but so much talent and size
  3. I agree. If he finds the answer to success (he as so much skill) he will move this team out of the offensively challenged category and help this team reach 4th spot. If AK also steps up this team will be an offensive power house. But we can't expect both to discover the anwer to putting up points consistently. One of the 2 would be enough. Maybe Eller can pick up the slack if one sucks
  4. This kid should be play ing in the AHL this year unless he screws up at camp. Up to now he looks good enough. This guy played in the KHL last year, going to the Q is not going to be good for his development. Yes, he has so much skill. Skills that we have not seen in Mtl in a long long time
  5. I agree. Last year was his first year and he focused on defense because that is what the coached wanted. With a bit of maturity and experience he will be a more complete player with some good upside for a 3rd liner
  6. Tom still needs to prove him self and he has no power given his RFA status = $500K/year Pyatt may become a 3rd liner one day but right night he is a good 4thliner wth PK duties. I think one day he will be worthy of 3rd line duty. Speed to burn!!!! I think one of the two - Pouliot and AK will stink and Eller will get his chance on the top 2 lines. That won't impact Pyatt postion since he is not ready for 3rd line centre yet
  7. You said he had the most! Whatever
  8. What information did you use to conclude that he has any kohonees?
  9. SBah, I think your expectations are a little too high based on what as been written and players signed with NHL contracts.
  10. it sounds like? What article/ Video/ report did you see or read that stated that this kid was ready for the NHL. Let's see what he can do in training camp before creating expectations. Odds are that he should be going to the AHL. Eller is not hurt seriously. Pac is likely more ready than Avtsin, especially for 3rd line duty. Even if Avtsin is NHL ready, he could still go to the A to mature and get to understand the NA game (small ice....)
  11. Your previous statment was fine. This kid is expected to play top 6. If he mets expectation is another thing. And yes he is underrated because he was a late/mid draft pick and he seems to have a lot of things going his way - talent, size................... Hell, this kid may have the most top end skills off all the forward prospects.
  12. You have aready begged Pac? Whow! He was not god enough at 19 so he will never be good enough?
  13. Who are the UFA that are left willing to be paid less than $1MM that are "good" and big?
  14. After thinking a little I agre that this guy is a good pickup. His defensive ability may allow Plek to focus more on offensive duties.
  15. Hope your right! When he is on his game he is nice to watch and an asset
  16. or 2nd key after Carey but before PK. But hey that is debatable
  17. Chicken you better show up! I am so worried that he will be a bust,
  18. Last year I thought Metro was underrated. this year I think he is overrated. How can this happen so fast?
  19. I said this summer that I thought he was a good support player and I still due. The only difference now is that fans have moved from one extreme (Metro is crap) to the other extreme (one of the best player on the team or something). Can we stay away from the extremes. But man did he look good playing on the 3rd line!!!!! This is a great story and hopefully it will continue
  20. Bergeron is our saviour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Bergeron is our good luck charm!!!!! Either way I just want to win
  21. He needs to play more games before anyone can conclude on his performance/ evolution.
  22. I agree with what you are saying but I kind of laugh when you ask for proof that Chip is slow. Proof is watching him play and reading the expert reports. Like Chretien once said "the proof is the proof" He is below average in speed. That does not mean he cannot be a good player in the Habs organization. Like you said, he brings a lot to the table.
  23. This is his chance to prove himself!! The next few games are EXTREMELY important for his future with the Habs. Hope he suprises everyone!!!
  24. Fair ice time? He must earn every second of ice time!!!!
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