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  1. Im with everyone else on this one, they are getting chances but not capitalizing on them. They are working hard you can see it putting Moen with them is a down grade. Benny is hitting and causing turn overs moving him to the fourth line will crush any progress there might be, maybe Martin should take the kid aside and point out were he is playing well and give practice on hitting the net instead.
  2. As long as he keeps making space for Gomez and Gionta and taking away time and space on the backcheck Martin will be happy with his play because if he keeps doing those little things the point will come. Gomez is good with the puck but he needs space to work in Benny with his size can do that.
  3. He is an upgrade from Metro. Plus Gaithier.
  4. One came see he is trying to use his body more and with confidence he might surprise some people.
  5. If we could get this line a sniper it would be deadly. Metro seems to come up with the puck he like Risebrough was, Patches is a playmaker he got good vision and can pass the puck, they need someone to fire the puck. How about Cammy he likes to shoot, Martin could put Moen with Gomez and Gionta to add some size and grit to that line, who knows, maybe this would balance the plate a little, other teams are putting their big D-men against them they would not be able to if Martin added some size on that line.
  6. a steady improvement and like Gorges he is a leader, though he will never be a 30 goal scorer he has got jam and some size down the middle. Good energy line person and pk .
  7. Great comment also did anyone call heads up or hurry, and I to would like the see another angle because yeah your right he already had to be coming if Bergeron doesn't tough the puck he gets run over anyway
  8. Yes he has got some work ethic issues and Hamilton is the place were he can work them out playing 19-20 minutes a night were in Mtl he will be jucky to play 12 minutes on the third line. SK74 has the talent I believe to be a more complete player then his brother. Could be a top six foreward. If he plays like we all know he is capable of Gainey is going to have a nice option because he will be able to trade someone that is currently on the team.
  9. A lot of questions still Andre is not having an exceptional camp, whom ever plays with Gionta is going to have a great season he has always reminded he of Mighty Mats even when he was on the Devils. We can only hope that the bigs look at the way he gets involved and start using their size. O'Byrne actually had a good camp i think given the oppertunity he will replace Kommy.
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