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  1. I guess you haven't gotten to the part in Moneyball where Beane calls the playoffs a crapshoot.

    You're preaching to the wrong crowd, I'm pretty sure Roy and I can both concur baseball is the greatest sport in the world.

    No Hockey the greatest in the world as far as sports go.

    Why am I over baseball no not the juicing. The handling of Jays last 10 yrs has made me sick. But because of career, I probably will have to be in that corp box for 30 or 40 games again this yr. :o

  2. I'm so over the whole steroids thing. I think the majority of the public is too, it's not going to be the football "Who cares?" attitude when a guy like Merriman tested positive but ARod definitely won't get the Bonds treatment.

    I so over the baseball thing..... Football a way off so we best make playoffs.

  3. At 6'3" 185lbs if this kid can beef up a little maybe he could turn out to be that big powerful center that we've always been looking for in a long time, but he sounds really good right now hopefully he can live up to his hype right now and live up to his potential. good luck Mr.Quailer :D

    Yes he sounds good and that size up front could be a God send. So good luck.

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