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  1. And Vanek was no ball of fire last time in playoffs with Habs.
  2. I stated last week that Habs were too easy to play against. I think that has been addressed. The hope is that some of the big bodies will free up space for the smaller guys to get more scoring chances. This team had no idea up to now that there is such a place as a slot in the opposition end. Most shots are made from bad scoring angles & it looks like they try too hard to pick spots instead of just getting the shot on net, hoping for rebounds.... result > too many missed nets. The next couple of games should show what hope the trades have given us. MB is right about the lack of *affordable* goal scorers in this year's deadline. Remember... they ARE still in 1st place.
  3. I agree with your assessment. Hard to understand how a team, as a whole, can go in a few short months from high energy, fast paced, full of vinegar to a lackadaisical group as this one has. Though Price was holding them in some games they still had good work ethics & gave him reason to push himself... not so much now.
  4. If I were coaching: This system isn't working, so if I were Julian, I'd give my system about 6 games & if the results didn't improve just open it up, let the players have fun and play a run & gun game. They need something to drive them & make them feel good. Loosen it up until the playoffs, if they make it to that point. Playoffs are no longer a foregone conclusion, they've folded like an old napkin.
  5. I agree. I don't know how a team could go from the obvious will to compete & high energy games Habs played at the start of the season to the docile 'easy to play against' group they are now. They just don't have the players willing to compete.... that's it. Emelin FINALLY lays out a good, clean hit & the officials blow it with a wussy call. I hate when they lose but when they aren't even showing desire & a willingness to be tough to play against, I have to turn the channel to the DIY networks. The past 2 months they've had no net presence, no check finishing & no legs. It's good I'm watching alone & not with Leaf fan friends or I'd be embarrassed .....
  6. PK ain't gonna happen... he's the Trump of hockey... I'll say no more.
  7. Habs, Winnipeg & Ottawa fans in Southern Ontario have been jilted by the NHL, selling the complete TV rights to Rogers Communications, Leaf owners. Where once we could watch all Habs games on RDS , they are now blocked from showing by Rogers. We have regressed back to the 50's where if you want to watch hockey in our area it's Leafs or none. Rogers has total control over what games we see. Oh yes, they do show other games but very few from Eastern Canadian teams, Montreal, Ottawa or Winnipeg. They show us California & Arizona teams. like we care about them. Rogers seems to be worried about losing Leaf fans to other teams. Leafs have had that problem since for ever... thus no team allowed in Hamilton or any other S Ontario city & Buffalo had to pay large to the Leafs before NHL gave them a team. I don't & never will buy any Rogers products, they don't support us, I won't support them... Simple.... I'm old & I'm pissed off.
  8. We keep hearing Pateryn is on the block, not sure why. Maybe because of the wife's tweeting a dislike for French Canadians? For me. 1st draft pick or not, Beaulieu has a problem with uniform colors & makes too many great passes to the opposition & turns it over to checkers too often. He'd be my choice as trade bait for maybe a power center. I believe in this defense and think they will tighten up under Julien.
  9. As an old know nothing fart, I stated at the beginning of last year I didn't like the way they were winning,,, it was all Price and this year said the same thing, it was all Price again. They either have to get rid of some of the non-effective scorers like Plekanec, Desharnais & Flynn or change the system, which means Therrien. Losing to the last place team then taken to overtime by the 2nd worst team leaves no impression they are anywhere near Stanley Cup contenders. They don't seem to get up the energy nor determination to beat the weak teams & get outplayed by the better ones. Sometimes even Price looks disinterested and the pressure of not being able to win games unless he keeps the goals against down to 2 or less, even against the worst teams, has to be super stressful & fatiguing. My choice...... change the system, it ain't working.......MHO, the way I see it....
  10. I love the way he plays. He's a throwback to Teddy Harris & Terry Harper days. Now if the NHL would just get back to recognizing a good body check and stop trying to make these guys play like wussies! On a dump in, 1 to 2 strides should be a legal check, not interference!
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