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  1. Due Date 7/10 Comedy with a poor story line but very funny and entertaining.
  2. I always watch out for clowns...they have huge feet! Thanks for the welcome CRB!
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome Nine, FH and hrf! I'll make sure to draw my own conclusions but it looks like there's good camaraderie here so it should be fun.
  4. Thanks! On the plus side I don't have the habits of using the old forum format so it should be good.
  5. Hi! I live in an evil place called Edmonton and the hockey here really sucks however the Oilers seem to find a way to beat the Habs when they come to town while I watch in Rexall Place and cry. I was born and raised in Montreal and sorely miss the great food and the hockey city that it is. I've been reading the boards off and on for a few years now and maybe will become an active member. The guys seem to be a good bunch and pretty open minded and respectful. Yes I am a Habsoholic!
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