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  1. Exactly. The wife and I were discussing it on the eve of the election ... and at this point if you're unvaccinated without a valid medical reason (and I'm hard pressed to find info on what that valid reason would be) then it's just selfish willful ignorance
  2. Yeah didn't bother to look it up ... guessed it was in the 100s of millions at the least
  3. We're 18 months into a pandemic, a year since the Vaccine rolled out ... millions of doses world wide ... so Vaccine hesitancy isn't a legitimate excuse anymore. If you're failing to get vaccinated its a willful choice to be disingenuously ignorant in the face of overwhelming proof that it is safe, effective and needed. Not to mention the right thing to do.
  4. The only valid reason would be medical ...and that reason is rare to almost non-existant.
  5. Its a Vaccination and there is no legimate good excuse to not have gotten it yet, period. You are free to choose not to get it but that choice, like any choice in life, comes with consequences and benefits. If Ylonen is showing himself to be a science denying antivaxxer then yes, trade him. Its time we stopped tolerating people who want to ignore facts and try and twist it into a "difference of opinion". It's not an opinion if its demonstrably wrong. Period.
  6. Ettedgui is ... well I got nothing nice to say about that waste of human breath
  7. Fighting is almost gone in the NHL but ... Paquette, Savard, Edmundson, Poehling, theres a few big boys on the team now besides Anderson. Chiarot isn't even known for fighting ... According to Hockeyfights.com, Chiarot has had nine fights in his 400 career regular-season games in the NHL, including four this past season. So outside of the 4 he had last season, he had 5 in the previous 7 seasons Paquette has had 10 fights in 5 seasons Edmundson has had 10 in 5 seasons I mean Chiarot's fighting ability is not a factor I'd base keeping him on
  8. Ok seeing those forward lines now on paper, I'm a little less choked about losing KK ... offensively we've improved a lot, even if you ignore any potential that KK had a breakout year. Defenisvely ... well, maybe its not as bad as it looks as Weber was terrible for the most part last year and Savard can't be anyworse. Its Chiarot that's the problem, they need to trade him and stick to Kulak and Romanov.
  9. Ok here's my take on the lines Ducharme will likely debut with Drouin - Suzuki - Caufield Hoffman - Dvorak - Gallagher Toffoli - Evans - Anderson Perreault - Paquette - Armia Extra : Lehkonen, Poehling On D (and this is where it gets sad) Edmundson - Petry Chiarot - Savard Romanov/Kulak - Wideman Extra : Either Romanov or Kulak. There is zero chance Wideman and Chiarot sit. MB just signed Wideman and they over value Chiarot
  10. You're forgetting Wideman ... so we likely see him over Roamov/Norlinder anyways
  11. Do we have projected lines anywhere yet?
  12. Yup outside of the top 3 ... the next 4 picks we're all a mystery. Most thought Zadina would go 3rd, but like you say Ted a lot had us picking KK (who if we didn't pick him all predicted would go 5th). KK being the top rated Center and our obvious need at the time (predating the NS trade). And what's funny, if we'd picked Zadina would we have been that far ahead from KK? 6g13a in 49games this past season for him. I think many are over valuing Tkachuk because he came into a team where he was thrust into the top 6 whether he was ready or not. KK on the other hand was slotted in the bottom 6 from the start. Hindsight is awesoe, and maybe Tkachuk performs as well or better on the Habs playing the same role ... but we did not have an organizational need at the time. If we were picking a winger Zadina was projected as that guy, Hughes as the D and KK as the C with all three being roughly valued the same.
  13. Still choked they let KK go ... the only way this gets salvaged is if somehow Poehling out develops his expectations Suzuki - Dvorak - Poehling - Evans, if Poehling can turn into a 40ptish strong two-way guy is fine. I think KK has a break out year, and puts up decent numbers now that he's away from the toxic management so its going to take a bit more from Dvorak/Poehling to take that sting off. What galls me still is that we potentially had 1st and 2nd C locked up for the next decade in NS and KK ... and in the year we let Danault walk, we get blindside by the Canes offer. This is the Aho offer coming back to to bite MB plain and simple. Without that offer we likely sign KK to a reasonable "Show me" bridge deal.
  14. My take ... is if Dvorak replaces Danault ... that still leaves a hole at C. We lost KK and Danault ... and replaced it with Dvorak (for Danault) and Paquette/Evans/Poehling for KK That's a downgrade in roster regardless of your arguements for Dvorak's worth vs Kotkaniemi Suzuki / KK / Evans / Poehling looks better to me on paper if KK performs than Suzuki / Dvorak / Evans / Poehling
  15. Yup KK wanted to be here, but the Habs through their actions and inactions showed him they didn't value him at all
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