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  1. This year is unique though For Leafs ... they have Marner, Kapanen, Johnsson ... and are tight against cap. Rumor is they're low balling Marner at 7-8, but he wants 10+ Jets similar situation, not a lot of cap room and wouldn't have enough to keep both Laine and Connor(conner?) if a big offer sheet was made.
  2. I think MB should do a bold move given our depth. Getting an older UFA doesn't help long term ... with that in mind, shoot for the moon ... offer sheet Marner or Laine high enough that their teams can't sign them. Both teams have cap issues, we don't.
  3. Thats my entire concern. We finally have 3 incredible prospects at C (Kotkaniemi, Poehling and Suzuki) ... heck even if Suzuki plays C ... that's Kotkaniemi/Suzukie as 1/2 and Poehling as your solid 2way guy like Bergeron But getting Duchene ... hell there better be a plan, or is MB just throwing money at players with a french name.
  4. Sure ... but again, he's one of only 4 players to ever score 110 goals before the age of 20. Two did it in the 80s and most recently it was Stamkos. I think Laine is set to have a break out year and be a perennial 40-50 goal guy.
  5. Would you for Patrick Laine? Imagine Lehknonen - Kotkaniemi - Laine
  6. Given our current prospect pool ... if this put us into a position of picking in the bottom half of the draft for the next 5-10 years I'd be fine with it. And yeah 5 years ... so you offer him say 77m over 7 years ... that's 11m a season and regardless is 4 first rounders, and probably puts him out of the Jets price range
  7. An offer sheet consists of 7 compensation tiers. Compensation to the receiving club is made up entirely of draft picks. The draft picks must available in the nearest entry draft, unless the compensation requires two or more draft picks in the same round: an extra year can be used to for compensation for these picks (if two 1st round picks are required, the club must have two 1st round picks available in the next three drafts) Compensation is determined by the annual average (AAV) outlined in the offer made by submitting club. The AAV for an offer sheet, which determines the compensation required, is derived by dividing the total contract value amount by the lesser of: number of years offered, or five (5) years The AAV thresholds are readjusted each season, and is based on the average league salary for that season. An offer sheet cannot be greater than 7 years in length. See the Offer Sheet FAQ for additional information.
  8. Patrick Laine between 18-20 only three players in NHL history have scored more than Laine’s 110 goals: Jimmy Carson, Dale Hawerchuk, and Steven Stamkos. Only Stamkos is comparable due to era, and coming off his ELC he garned 11.66% of the cap at the time ... in today's dollars would equate to 9.56m . Leaving the jets about 6m to sign Kyle Connor and his multiple 30 goal seasons. It would also make Laine the highest paid player on the Jets ahead of Wheeler. Laine is probably a generational goal scored, but he's a defensive liability so the Jets may be reluctant to pay him more than 7-8m ... so we offer sheet him at 10 or 11m and let them sweat.
  9. Oh and more on Aho ... given our depth at C now (Domi, Kotkaniemi, Poehling, Danault) .... if we do offer sheet a star and are willing to give up a ton of picks, might I suggest Patrick Laine?
  10. The Canes are likely to match any offersheet ... Aho was a PPG pace coming off his ELC, he's likely getting 7-8m, but could get 9-10. $1,395,053 or below: None$1,395,054-$2,113,716: 3rd$2,113,717-$4,227,437: 2nd$4,227,438-$6,341,152: 1st, 3rd$6,341,153-$8,454,871: 1st, 2nd, 3rd$8,454,872-$10,568,589: 2 1sts , 2nd, 3rdOver$10,568,590+: 4 1sts So you're losing a 1st, 2nd and 3rd forfor sure ... possibly two 1sts. And most likely unless you go insane and offer him 11m, Canes match the offer. And if they don't, you're paying him 11m ... probably over market value and gave up four 1st round picks to do it. Kapanen and Johnson are interesting cases ... Toronto is in cap hell and if they want to retain Marner they likely can't afford both Kapanen and Johnson. Offer one of them 4.2m and if we manage to sign them we only lose a 2nd. I'd prefer Kapanen as he fits our whole Finland in North America motif
  11. We should offer sheet Kaperi Kapanen or Andreas Johnson from Toronto keep it under 4.2 and if they sign all we give up is a 2nd rounder.
  12. There's an almost zero chance McDavid gets traded. He himself knows that if the Oilers did trade him, he'd wind up on a gutted team thats just as bad as the Oilers were. The Oilers are in pretty dire shape due to Chia's stupidity, but they're on the bubble really and 1-2 key moves and they'll be a playoff team.
  13. The Duchene rumors concern me. Yes he's a good player, but do we really need to pursue a center? The only way this makes sense is if the Habs think Poehling/Suzuki don't make the team out of camp.
  14. 2-2.5 mil for Kulak is entirely reasonable given his play. In the grande scheme of things he's our #4 Dman at this point behind Weber, Petry, Mete.
  15. LA didn't call the Oilers and ask about Gretzky. Pocklington made the calls, offering Gretzky to the highest bidder. Roy asked for a trade and Houle started calling around asking for offers, then evaluated those. He didn't just call the AVs and ask for the moon. Most NHL trades start with an inquiry of "are you interested in X player" or "we're interested in Y player" . Not "hey what if we gave you Weber and a 1st for McDavid" and then settle on "JP for a 2nd". GM's know very well that there's certain players that are unavailable and have a rough sense of what it would take to get other players. They don't just call up a GM with some wild proposal that nobody would ever take seriously that then devolves into a discussion about entirely unrelated players. For example, if we were trying to get Darnell Nurse, MB would call up the Oilers and start a discussion on Darnell Nurse. He wouldn't start a discussion on McDavid in order to eventually talk about Nurse. That's a sure fire way to simply put the other GM in a mood to not negotiate. As per the title of the thread .. "If I were GM ...", any GM that called me up asking about McDavid and then somehow devolved into trying to pry Nurse away would never be taken seriously by me or any other GM.