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  1. Just as bad in the third ... we can all harp about Price and our goaltending, but our D was brutal last night.
  2. Julien also used the 4th line way too much
  3. From the stands you get a better sense of players ability to anticipate. Example, Benn can anticipate the play ... he just can't always get there. Schlemko just seemed to be skating around confused the entire game.
  4. After watching the Oilers game from the stands I'm firmly convicted we need to get rid of Schlemko and Alzner. Benn is fine if we limit him to the bottom pairing. We need a mobile LHD that can replace those 2 guys and Weber back asap LHD - Weber Mete - Petry Rielly - Juulsun or depending on who we get Rielly - Weber Mete - Petry LHD - Juulsun (if the LHD is a vet 2way D that can help Juulsun learn) Benn then becomes your 7th D. Alzner/Schlemko gone.
  5. Watching the game from the stands gave me a different perspective. Size was not the factor. Here's what I saw : Deslauriers is not an NHL player. Period. His intensity is there and he does have some defensive vision, but his his stick skills are nill and he simply can't keep up with anybody on the ice. Peca's effectiveness is also next to none ... defensively he's ok but beyond that he brings nothing else to the table. Between him and Deslauriers, the 4th excelled at one thing ... killing our momentum. Seems every time we had something starting, out came the 4th line to give the momentum back to Oilers. Our D ... oh our D ... Mete, Schlemko, Benn were our worst. Mete was bad decisions, poor positioning and trying to 'rush' the play. Benn because of speed, but otherwise his hockey sense is fine and positioning are good. Schlemko is just a hot mess, I think I'd rather see Alzner based on what I saw last night. Petry had an off nite, Rielly was very good and Juulsun was above average. We need to improve our D corp if we're going anywhere.
  6. Ugh what an awfule game. Everytime we started to get something going out came the 4th line and killed all the momentum.
  7. I'm at this game tonight!
  8. lol that's one I also remember a guy who kept bringing up Alexander Perezoghin and how he never got a shot. The Sekac trade recently (where Sekac didn't even make it in the NHL in the end), etc etc
  9. There is zero benefit to JK's development at this point to going to the World Juniors. He's coming along nicely as is, and in fact is starting to look more and more dominant against NHL competition.
  10. With how Price is playing and his 10M/year contract ... we are not getting anything for Price. Like it or not, we're stuck with him for now
  11. Kotkaniemi > Nylander. Every game JK gets more dominant ... by year end if he keeps this up he will be our 1C without dispute
  12. Some love to argue, for years in some cases, that X player should never have been traded for Y.
  13. And it was only int his last 3-4 starts, since the D talent dropped off, that Carey has started to struggle again
  14. One bust for another bust. Scherbak may have been working with the staff about the dirty areas ... but he has 1 goal in 5 games in the AHL. He went down and rather than light it up to prove he deserved to be in the NHL he continued his disinterested lazy playing ... you know who else does that? JP from the Oilers. IF we trade Scherbak it shouldn't be for a player with the same reputation. At least get a D that might be project but still has a good work ethic.
  15. Briere was a washed up has been I don't recall them bad mouthing Hudon except for him having a bad game. And Scherbak is a bust as 1st rounder, he's earned his bad rap all on his own with his disinterested play