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  1. I disagree .. I think Domi looked just fine on Suzuki's wing. My problem is CJ's useage period. Why is Weal/Cousins out on the PP? Why are we still playing Danault as the top line center? Why is JK still saddled with inferior wingers? The list goes on and on ... he's an old school coach who's slowly getting left behind by how the game is changing.
  2. I'm laughing at the leafs not because I think Babcock sucks (he is over rated though) but because he was not the source of their problems. They have a bunch of prima donna players, no D, no goaltending and far too much cap tied up in 4 players to really fix anything. Leafs fans think changing coaches and suddenly they'll go undefeated for the rest of the season but I think they'll still struggle.
  3. Domi's got a lot more jump tonight too
  4. JK looking stronger and faster, yup ... he was definitely playing hurt ... hopefully he starts putting up some points
  5. jsut tuned in ... saw JK skating ... he was definitely playing injured earlier in year, he looks a lot faster now
  6. This. How on earth CJ can justify throwing Cousins or Weal out there over JK is puzzling
  7. Missed the game ... take it the reffing was brutal again?
  8. With JD out for 8 weeks we desperately need Domi, JK and Suzuki to pick it up a bit. Suzuki has been good the last few games, hopefully JK finds his offensive game again and Domi finds another gear. It's not a disaster yet, since other players had already picked up the offense (Tatar/Gallagher) and JD only had 0g3a in his last 5 games ... but missing him for 8 weeks is going to make others contributing even more of a concern.
  9. I just don't see Hudon being a NHLer Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Domi - JK - Armia Lehkonen - Suzuki - Weal Cousins - Thompson - Hudon that's what I'd go with unless we call up Poehling
  10. “You’re going to see some changes there in our lines tonight,” the coach said. “You’ll see it in the warmups. I moved a bunch of people around, so you’re going to see some different lines tonight.”
  11. Keith Kinkaid will start in goal for the Canadiens, while forwards Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Charles Hudon will replace Jonathan Drouin and Paul Byron, who are both injured.
  12. if Hudon was recalled, sounds like JK isn't ready yet either
  13. leafs down 3-2 Just noticed Tatar has 3 assists tonight