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  1. Gah that game against Flyers. Outshot them heavily through the first period and most of the 2nd ... dominated the play. Then collapsed. Real pity since it would have put them ahead of Laughs in standins
  2. Sure, but the TSN printed article seems to be a google translate of the TVA one lol
  3. Maybe we're playing them together ... like Hudon standing on Peca's shoulders to make a 6'4 player
  4. Because who ever put that on TSN simply took the french article they found of Bowman saying that and pumped it into Google translate ... and then "cleaned" it up a bit and typoed Montreal https://www.tvasports.ca/2019/01/18/kotkaniemi-compliment-ultime-de-scotty-bowman
  5. Hmmm actually more on Fowler Pretty interesting, they just acquired Del Zotto, giving them 4 LD Lindholm, Fowler, Jacob Larsson and Del Zotto ... Larsson is a first rounder pick from 2015 with a lot of offensive upside apparently. Almost hints at a trade coming ... Fowler may actually be available.
  6. That's overly optimistic for Julien Danault has 17pts in last 17 games ... so Domi and him will remain the top 2 centers ... and I don't think you'll see both Hudon and Peca come in We're likely to see : Tatar - Domi - Armia Drouin - Danault - Gallagher Agostino - Kotkaniemi - Lehkonen Peca/Hudon - Chaput - Deslauriers
  7. ummm Vancouver actually traded Del Zotto to Ducks for Schenn (d for d) Rask was traded for Niederreiter (forward for fforward)
  8. He's essentially Tatar. We really don' need more wingers.
  9. Except ... Suzuki is touted as an offensive player who was mis-used/underplayed at the WJ. Poehling has always been touted as a 2way center. Suzuki has far more offensive upside than Poehling, Poehling has far more utility upside than Suzuki ... so given our roster and that Poehling is riding a high after the WJC ... Fowler for Poehling and other stuff might actually entice the Ducks. Given we have 3 good C's (Domi, JK and Danault) that are all young ... it makes more sense to keep Suzuki who's projecting as an offensive winger.
  10. Pity, I thought when we drafted him he'd be more of an offensive force ... seems he's never really found his game. Not sure he'd be an upgrade over any of the guys we have playing on the left side.
  11. Interesting thing about Fowler is this is not the first time trade rumors surround him. definitely a valuable asset , but I'm not convinced the Ducks even consider trading him for what we can possibly offer that won't break our roster in other ways. Our top 9 is pretty much set ... with Shaw being the only guy I see as expendable. Wonder if they'd bite on Fowler for Shaw, Alzner, Hudon and a pick. That gives them a top 9 forward in Shaw, another possible top 9 forward in Hudon, offset the contract a bit with Alzner and a pick they can get a prospect for. If MB did manage to pull that off .. in 2-3 years our D would look like Fowler - Weber Romanov - Petry Mete - Brook (providing those two pan out as expected) .. that could be one of the better D corps in the league. Another player to dangle might be Poehling ... who's trade value right now is high. Danault is playing great and is objectively our shutdown C ... if you think Poehling will be about the same as Danult, then your 3Cs are Domi, Kotkaniemi, Danault/Poehling ... so dealing Poehling for a 1D signed for the next 7 years who's considered one of the top D in the league might make sense.
  12. That Mete almost got his first goal ... on a flip out of the zone
  13. Well if we wanna be technical ... Lehkonen and Domi both got robbed on that review
  14. Domi ... after 18 games without a goal, getting 2 tonight would be good
  15. Going to start seeing plays like that from him more and more