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  1. I mean its one of Lehkonen or Armia but not both ... .
  2. Kotkaniemi is pointless in the preseason I think, he needs better wingers
  3. Yeah Poehling/Suzuki/Brook ... argueably our best 3 prospects .. to "just" crack the lineup and be relegated to 3rd/4th line OR have them play top minutes in the AHL and learn the pro game? The 4th line in the NHL is simply not going to get the ice time or match ups that the top 1/2 lines in the AHL would.
  4. Chariot is not as slow as I thought
  5. Drouin got a haircut ... maybe that explains the lack of mysterious drop passes ... he actually has peripheral vision now
  6. Leskinen with the nice break out pass from the zone
  7. Is JK playing? Haven't seen him on camera yet
  8. She's just a small town girl ... living in a lonely world ...
  9. I'm most interested in watching Kotkaniemi, Poehling and Leskinen ... JK to see what progress he's made, Poehling to see if he still belongs on the big club or needs a year in AHL and Leskinen if he might be an upgrade to Kulak/Reilly/Folin as it seems Juulsen may be suffering post-concussion syndrome.
  10. BATHURST - Here's a look at the forward lines and defense pairings featured by head coach Claude Julien at Wednesday's morning skate at the KC Irving Centre ahead of the Kraft Hockeyville game against the Florida Panthers. Tatar - Danault - Drouin Hudon - Kotkaniemi - Armia Cousins - Poehling - Barber/Vejdemo Peca - Evans - Belzile Chiarot - Petry Reilly - Folin Leskinen - Fleury/Lamarche Lindgren McNiven
  11. KK stole his muscle?
  12. more than likely this. And I still maintain Chariot vs Gardiner is the same value to the Habs when looking at the overall roster. Gardiner has direct value, Chariot has indirect value ... allowing others players (eg Petry) to shift their game etc. Chariot - Petry I think will generate as much offence as Gardiner - Weber, Gardiner - Petry would.
  13. Lol I read that first section ... saw the bit about JK and then dismissed the entire article as "you don't even watch hockey dude"