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  1. What's sad is a back when we were 4th or 5th overall I started to think we had some hope, that if we made playoffs we might actually do something. But this past month is just awful.
  2. Cuz Weal is suddenly CJ's favourite toy
  3. Weber is literally flat footed and a living pylon out there .... he's making Douglas Murray look good
  4. Thinking Kotkaniemi is benched or hurt
  5. Julien 177 gp 82 wins 74 L ... only year we made playoffs with him was his 1st year where he was only coach for 24 games ... if we miss this year hopefully we find somebody more modern like Jon Cooper from TBL who apparently might be available this summer
  6. Hab's are doing their Kazakhstan impersonation again tonight
  7. Sadly, saying shutout only jinxes the team your rooting for
  8. Because when all else fails, try the crazy
  9. Our only good line is the 4th line of Thompson, Weal and Byron
  10. Weber is a living pylon out there
  11. its like everyone on our team has forgotten how to control the puck
  12. Yes RDS ... show us how good both their goalies are just to drive home how hard this is going to be to win
  13. Isles almost scored twice there ... are we sure about that?
  14. I consider this a must win tonight ... Habs realistically have to get 15 pts over the last 12 games I think
  15. 0-3 vs Leafs and 0-3 vs Lightening regardless of the scores, is still 0-6 against those two teams and a fair assumption of an expected loss against them. No matter how you slice it we have to go 8-4 or 9-3 minimum as Carolina and Columbus have easier schedules.