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  1. Bluntly, I think the closest MB was to a cup was the team he inherited. It's been a yoyo experience since then. We haven't improved, and in same cases regressed ... and any window we had to win with Weber, Price and other 30+ players we have was in the past and firmly gone.
  2. Toffoli rarely gonna miss given a chance like that
  3. Well that three stooges shift almost cost us a goal against
  4. Powerless Play ... think we had 2 shots, neither of which were high scoring chances
  5. Tuned in for 2nd ... oh look outshot 14-6 now, so getting outplayed in a 4pt game
  6. Plus/Minus is a fairly misleading stat ... his +30 is a direct result of him being sheltered from tougher opponents since he is so easily beaten. The eye test alone tells you he struggles to get the puck out of his zone and while once he does he is able to skate it with speed up the ice, it doesn't directly translate to a scoring chance. As to his outlet pass? What outlet pass? Mete does the same thing over and over ... get pinned in the corner with the puck and just shovels it along to another Hab player. He only has a good outlet pass when not under pressure. And lets not
  7. What are the lines? just noticed Staal, Perry, LEhk's on I guess the 4th line?
  8. Mete had nothing to do with a roster spot for Staal ... one is a forward the other D. Leskinen took Metes roster spot last game and looked a hell of a lot better than Mete has. At best losing Mete was to open a sport for Merrill. And bluntly, Mete's ceiling is "fringe NHLer"
  9. I think if you have Mete in your top 4, you have issues on D. Mete is a fringe NHL player. While he could skate ... his shot wasn't great, he got pushed around on the boards, and his hockey IQ wasn't the greatest.
  10. This team is going nowhere as long as coaching insists on playing Weber and Staal as if they were still elite. Perry I can stomach, his high hockey IQ seems to let him get around his skating deficiencies ... but Staal is just brutal, and getting top icetime with two of our best wingers. Other example both Suzuki and JK have struggled last 20 games, JK however has picked it up huge in the last 5-6 games and gets 2 assists the other night and is still put out as a winger or as a C with bottom pairing wingers. Suzuki? Nah, just keep throwing him out there with two good players.
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