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  1. A contract that lasts until he's 41 ... well past his prime, that is in fact a bad contract. Subban's while more cap hit at least had an end date, and if he regressed or didn't bounce back you can/could let him hit UFA and walk away.
  2. Except Weber is neither playing good positional hockey (he can't anymore as his skating just can't keep up) nor is he passing the puck out of the zone (he simply shovels it up the boards as he is incapable of anything else). They eye test on Weber is he has been our worst Dman this season.
  3. I've always maintained you assess a trade based on how it looked the moment it was made and not how it worked out 5 years later ... and this trade is a good example of why. Both players have dropped off but Subban and his speed would look a lot better on our right side right now than Weber the pylon. We got the older player, on the worse contract. Subban had won the Norris (Weber never has) and was the face of the franchise in some ways. We dealt him one for one for a radically different player, with a different set of skills and look how it's worked out. People can argue Web
  4. Tuned in for 2nd period ... we're down 2-0 ... le sigh
  5. He did. He was channeling Armia's possession beast mode it seemed as well
  6. Oh look, down 6-3 with less than a minute to go and they suddenly remember there's this thing called the offensive zone
  7. And here I thought Price was sulking to get rid of Julien ... apparently he just plain stinks
  8. Unless Price actually wanted Julien gone and was dialing it in due to that
  9. And don't get me wrong, I have no sympathy for Julien either ... but a coaching change is not necessarily going to fix Carey Price's awful play.
  10. Haven't read everyone's reaction ... but ... I believe Julien got a raw deal here. We were 7-1-2 in the first 10 ... then Price basically started calling it in. He's sporting a sub-900 save percentage for the season, and when your 10.5m/year "elite" goalie is playing like an AHL replacement, you're bound to start losing. Sure Julien had some questionable line moves etc but you're bot going to win with stinky goaltending. Last night is a great example ... we lose in the shootout only because Price couldn't stop a beach ball. Allen in net and we likely win that in regulation.
  11. Weber has been horrible this year. Like putridly horrible. JE and BC are playing decently if you consider they should be middle/bottom pairing guys normally.
  12. At this point, Allen should be starting more often than Price. Price is just playing like he either doesn't care or has lost his ability. Hell, seeing him with his mask off he looks like he's sick ... so skinny. That 2.78 and 0.893 SV is not going to get us in the playoffs. Goalies Player GP GS W L T OT SA GA
  13. Yeah, don't get me wrong ... happy with the outcome. But I assess trades by what they looked like at the time, not how they worked out in hindsight. On paper, regardless of scouts, we gave up the more proven player and a pick. To me it's no different than MB doing Subban for Weber straight up. On paper we took on the older, longer contract and should have gotten a sweetener back from Nashville. You can't keep getting "lucky" with trades in hindsight and claim competence.
  14. This. If Primeau is ready AND you think he will be a top goaltender in the NHL, then Price becomes a trading piece ... you can't sit and waste Primeau's prime years while Price slowly deteriorates .. if anything I think the window to part with Price is closing as his play has not been elite or even good.
  15. Aaaaaaaand the stupid late 3rd period penalty
  16. Habs playing to protect the lead it seems
  17. Sens getting away with a ton of interference ... we hit a guy with the puck and get called for interference
  18. I almost had to go lookup if the NHL instituted a no hitting policy
  19. Not sure how that was a penalty when the guy Romanov flattened had the puck did he not?
  20. Yes, despite his performance ... at the time of the trade, Domi had produced more and therefore it should have been Domi for Anderson + 2nd, not Anderson for Domi + 2nd And coming off a 1 goal in 26 games to get 5.5million? Still a bit high, and Domi's overall point production was better. Yes hindsight is great and Anderson is performing well, but the trade at the time was ridiculous ... we gave up the proven player and a 2nd round pick for a question mark.
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