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  1. Jesperi just turned 21 in the summer ... had he been brought along slower by the Habs I think he'd be blossoming by now. https://www.canescountry.com/2021/11/30/22809998/quick-whistles-carolina-hurricanes-pesce-bear-deangelo-next-man-up-rough-patch-jesperi-kotkaniemi It’s probably not a coincidence that his move back to the center position has sparked his promising stretch of games. For the first time this season, Kotkaniemi has been deep into the positive in on-ice expected goals for at 5-on-5. He was at a mind-boggling 90.45% against Seattle, 72.31% against Philadelphia, and 68.11 against Washington. The eye test matches those numbers. He’s been much more noticeable in the offensive zone, creating chances for him and his linemates on a much more consistent basis. With Kotkaniemi on the ice, the Hurricanes are outshooting their opponents 23-6 and outscoring opponents 3-0 at 5-on-5 over the last three games. They're outscoring opponents 5-1 with him on the ice over the last five games. It took a while for him to catch his footing on a new team and find a role that makes sense for him at this point in his development. The fourth-line center spot has been very kind to him lately, and while it’s not a top-nine role, what matters is that he plays well and builds up confidence. The Kotkaniemi experience was always supposed to be a marathon and not a sprint.
  2. Good lord no. Enough with taking players and putting them into the organization. Let him go learn the trade in the CHL/ECHL/AHL first. We have tons of examples where taking ex-players and making them coaches/executives just doesn't work out. Looking at you Rejean Houle and Mario Tremblay
  3. Absolutely ... no coach in their right mind keeps playing Paquette giving his errors and how little he is bringing.
  4. I strongly feel Gorton is the GM in all but name and whatever bilingual person they hire will only have the menial duties of a GM. This is Molson's way of picking "the best candidate" without limiting himself to the bilingual requirement. It's so transparent its laughable almost.
  5. I think this is Molson's way of getting the best GM he could find (Gorton) while having a french figure head called the GM. We're looking at the Wizard of Oz here.
  6. There was some sort of rumor about Bergevin ... didn't quite catch it though, something about him having to relocate
  7. We got into the playoffs on an abnormal format (12 teams vs 8) and then the following year the only reason we even get into the playoffs is the all Canadian division. So our finals appearance should have an asterix beside it because in any normal year we don't even qualify. Even with Carey in net for the start of this season we're a 500 team at best. It's been a decade and we have the same roster problems we've always had ... holes through out the lineup.
  8. Time for a fire sale, stock up on 1st rounders ... I really only see aa few guys who should be part of your long term plans ... Suzuki, Caufield, Romanov, Primeau, Poehling... everyone else that garners a 1st or 2nd this year or next should be shipped out.
  9. Nono ... we just need a shutout every night and 1 lucky goal and we're golden
  10. I mean it worked in the 93 cup run with Roy, why mess with an almost 30 year old tradition ...
  11. "The answer is the room" ... though he did not specify which room or building
  12. Objectively we've gotten worse ... his first 5 years (the team he inherited) we had a winning pct of something like 0.550 or 0.575 ... his last 5 years and its closer to 0.400 (0.425 or there abouts).
  13. I'd take Dermott for a 3rd, possible a low end 2nd if we have one
  14. I find it ... ironic? That I posted this back in October and people shot it down. I explain my reasoning as to why I believe Price wanted out of Montreal based on the evidence we have easily available to us (the ultimatum he and Weber gave in 2019, Weber's career being over, Price waiving his NMC for the ED then immediately entering the PA program). He wanted out and the easy out (as he is likely untradeable) vanished when the Kraken didn't select him and he spiraled further down his rabbit hole and that too is dismissed. Price waiving his NMC to be exposed in the ED to protect Allan makes no sense unless Price himself hoped to be picked. The Habs had other options to protect Allan (preemptive trade with Kraken, the number of better goalies being exposed etc). I was right about the substance abuse and I'm pretty darn sure I'm right about him not wanting to be a Hab anymore.
  15. I find that rather insulting to be honest. I'm giving my opnion based on all the evidence we have available ... I firmly believe Carey wanted out
  16. Furthermore, I'm trying to find the article, but there was an interview with Price and Weber before the start of the 2019/2020 season where they heavily implied they'd given MB an ultimatum of Cup within 2-3 years. Covid happens, they remain patient. They make finals when they had no business even being in the playoffs (only reason they make it is due to Canada only division). Looking ahead to this season ... they likely fight to even make the playoffs. Weber is suddenly too banged up to play and Price is waiving his NMC for the Expansion draft ... all the crumbs of evidence are there.
  17. Remember, Price was in the drivers seat for the ED .. he had to voluntarily waive his no movement clause to be exposed. If I truly don't want to be picked up by Kraken in the ED there is zero chance I waive my NMC.
  18. Tense days hoping they picked him. She is from Washinton State and he himself would likely prefer the west coast. I firmly believe he made a calculated decision and wanted out. This was his chance. I think MB torpedoed that chance by letting the media know he was dealing with a knee injury which caused the Kraken to not select him. At that point Carey was likely dejected, depleted and had a mini breakdown and entered the players assistance program
  19. Yup, MB keeps wanting to go back to the grit/size/shotblocking era of the early 2000s to 2015ish ... but hasn't realized the game has changed to skill, speed and possession.
  20. No Michael, you put an end to your own Career. last 3 seasons in league declining numbers ... in 8 games with Habs you had 0 pts. Year before with Sabres 4 in 19 and 10 in 38 with Flames.
  21. I'll just leave this here MB's 10 year W-L 341-339, .501 win% 1st 5 years, W-L 210-166, .558 win% 2nd 5 years, W-L 131-173, .431 win That tells you all you need to know about the team he created
  22. Right? I said it from the start ... having Suzuki/KK/Dvorak down the middle was far superior to Suzuki/Dvorak/Evans. Getting Dvorak to replace Danault was fine, but getting Dvorak and losing both Danault and KK is an issue. Now having said that, KK has 3 pts in 9 games with the Canes so as much as I love him, as much as I see the potential, maybe its a case of his game just not translating to the NHL.
  23. I actually think Sabres won in the end. Two good prospects for Eichel. Eichel is seriously over rated in my opinion and a locker room cancer.
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