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  1. Tense days hoping they picked him. She is from Washinton State and he himself would likely prefer the west coast. I firmly believe he made a calculated decision and wanted out. This was his chance. I think MB torpedoed that chance by letting the media know he was dealing with a knee injury which caused the Kraken to not select him. At that point Carey was likely dejected, depleted and had a mini breakdown and entered the players assistance program
  2. Yup, MB keeps wanting to go back to the grit/size/shotblocking era of the early 2000s to 2015ish ... but hasn't realized the game has changed to skill, speed and possession.
  3. No Michael, you put an end to your own Career. last 3 seasons in league declining numbers ... in 8 games with Habs you had 0 pts. Year before with Sabres 4 in 19 and 10 in 38 with Flames.
  4. I'll just leave this here MB's 10 year W-L 341-339, .501 win% 1st 5 years, W-L 210-166, .558 win% 2nd 5 years, W-L 131-173, .431 win That tells you all you need to know about the team he created
  5. Right? I said it from the start ... having Suzuki/KK/Dvorak down the middle was far superior to Suzuki/Dvorak/Evans. Getting Dvorak to replace Danault was fine, but getting Dvorak and losing both Danault and KK is an issue. Now having said that, KK has 3 pts in 9 games with the Canes so as much as I love him, as much as I see the potential, maybe its a case of his game just not translating to the NHL.
  6. I actually think Sabres won in the end. Two good prospects for Eichel. Eichel is seriously over rated in my opinion and a locker room cancer.
  7. My problem with this is that the Sabres are sellers in this case and not in the drivers seat. This is far too much in my opinion Eichel had 2g in 21gp before getting injured and has averaged less than a PPG in the league, I'd expect him to have done so by now... that's not an "elite" center, nor is his injury status such that I'm comfortable with his full recovery. Vegas got him in the end for a Tuch (a RW), an unproven prospect (Krebs, 17th overall) and two picks ... I feel we could have gotten him with just Anderson and Poehling maybe
  8. This might work, except Drouin didn't seem to pan out at C his first year here
  9. Yeah, the money isn't the issues its the term for a player whose playing style is going to seriously eat into his longevity. He's already showing signs of severe wear and tear.
  10. Hoffman and Suzuki should be fine, Hoffman has a great release and Suzuki is a great playmaker. Gallagher's play style however doesn't supplement NS's. And Gallagher ... well, think we may regret having extended him.
  11. Timmins has been around awhile now, both as a scout and assistant GM ... he's a hard no to take over for me and should be one of people fired along with MB. Despite all his apparent success, at the end of the day how he's presented his opinions to management has clearly fallen short as our drafting record in the last decade is atrocious. He's part of the problem, not the solution.
  12. In this case you can, LTIR is intended for players that have some hope of playing again. And yes, the CBA created this loophole but the NHL can still press the issue and file for mediation/arbitration if it feels the Habs are abusing LTIR. Now will the NHL do this? Who knows, as the penalty in this case isn't against Montreal but against Nashville.
  13. I suspect if we lose 2 or 3 of the next 4 then Molson will pull the trigger. If we're 1-9 or 2-8 at the 10 game mark that perhaps forces his hand. Having said that it also raises the concern that whomever replaces MB is not an upgrade but yet again selected from a small pool of french speaking candidates who realistically would never be hired by any other team. The stark reality is that until this organization sheds the notion that they can only hire bilingual management they are limiting their candidates and doomed to repeat the same mistakes that they have made since hiring Houle and Tremblay.
  14. 7 games 2 pts ... given the other teams in our conference we likely need another 96 pts in 75 games to make the playoffs ... thats a 0.640 pace. Even if we play at .607 like we did in 2016-2017 we wind up with 93pts and most likely not in a WC spot.
  15. The League could force the issue as LTIR is not meant to avoid retirement or the contract consequences there of. They weren't happy with the Prongor situation in Philly and think they changed some of the language around LTIR.
  16. - Sure we could argue losing Weber, Price, Edmundson is the issue ... but not enough to explain a 1-6 start - New additions finding chemistry ... again, nope ... we had Toffoli, Suzuki, Caufield together and they stunk it up. These are highly paid professional athletes, the "chemistry" wheeze is an excuse - And a late playoffs if anything should have meant this team was more prepped to start this season having played more recently Comes down to a bad GM, horrible coach, and poorly constructed roster.
  17. Any of our forwards outside of Suzuki, Caufield would do for me ... the issue being I dont see a reasonable package that Toronto would accept for an inconferance trade. Say Drouin + 1st for Marner, or Toffoli+1st ... again, I don't see Laughs accepting anything reasonable at this time. Off season maybe, but not right now.
  18. This forum makes me chuckle sometimes ... everyone undervaluing Marner. In the past 2 seaons he had 135 pts in 114 games ... I'd argue he's better than Matthews, heck I'd argue that without Marner, Matthews is a 30-35g guy. Marner drives 90% of the leafs offense. Sure we can analyze his value in the playoffs, but that would be based off playing for a team where the entire roster choked three years in a row. For the right package, I'd take Marner over any of our wingers (except Caufield).
  19. And Dvorak, Perreault had 2 pts between them through our first 5 games ... in which we went 0-5.
  20. Figure we lose again tonight, and somehow Kotkaniemi gets a goal and an assist against us
  21. The worst thing that could ever happen to a bubble team happened to this team last year. They made the SCF. We can argue about the changes made till we're blue in the face, but realistically we didn't lose anybody that is elite right now (Danault, KK, Gustaffson, Weber) nor did we add anybody elite (Dvorak, Hoffman, Savard). This team is essentially the same one as last year, that barely made the playoffs due to the conference alignment (they would not have made it in the tradtional alignment), barely made it out of the 1st round and over played their talent. This simply isn't a very good team nor has it been a good team for the last 5 years. I fully expected this team to stink it up this season given the roster and the lack of meaningful changes. Oh we'll get out of this funk and we'll start winning some games, but we were going to finish out of the playoffs regardless.
  22. Or Molson doesn't want to be saddled with MB having more control than he does.
  23. Our needs are obvious We either need an elite center to play top line, taking the burden off Suzuki and giving him more sheltered minutes or we need a top LHD PMD to drive the PP and offense. Getting either of those is going to require a 1st round pick most likely given what we have in the prospect pool.
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