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  1. As to faceoffs ... Danault #12 for acitve players for Faceoff % @ 54.7% Dvorak is #109 at 42.5%
  2. The stat lines didn't show ... Dvorak 147 career pts in 307 games, Danault 200 career pts in 395 games, so no ... Dvorak does not in fact have "more points than both of them combined". Again, Dvorak is an excellent replacement for Danault. But Dvorak/Evans/Paquette is not a replacement for Dvorak/KK/Evans in any universe.
  3. Danault Dvorak And the Habs haven't been much better as a team than the Coyotes have in the last 300-400 games ... Dvorak is no bette rthan Danault overall ... you're trading a bit more goal sscoring, for less play making and less defensive ability. That's it. Getting Dvorak to replace Danault is totally fine ... losing 2 guys that were playing in your top 3 at the same time is a massive problem.
  4. Actually even if the guys were playing better losing both KK and Danault is problematic when you're replacing either of them with Paquette. This. If MB hadn't been low balling KK they might have been closer on dollar figures. If they hadn't jerked him around last season, he may have been less likely to jump at a 6m 1 year in CAR if he'd been treated decently and offered 4.5m/yr for 2yrs. And losing 2 of what were your top 3 centers and replacing them with Dvorak is definitely a problem and causes issues through the entire forward lineup. In an ideal world we kept KK and got Dvorak to replace Danault. Dvorak steps into the shutdown role and KK plays with offensive wingers and hopefully produces. We'll never know, because much like the pylons MB gets for D, he replaced talent with grit and expects miracles.
  5. That would be the hope ... but you gotta ask yourself about Molson's commitment to the team when he's left MB in as long as he has
  6. Danger of Tanking while MB is still GM is if he truly is not coming back he may just do something stupid to try and build his "value" up to sign somewhere else
  7. Forgot to add ... and we lose somebody really important to injury
  8. I suspect we lose and KK gets a multi-point night playing alongside Aho.
  9. meh saw the video, its was a pretty tame rag doll
  10. While I'm really upset at losing KK, you're right it's the Canes that pulled a dirty. However .... I'm also upset at MB for not properly addressing the C issue nor fixing the D. We lose Weber and he replaces him with a subpar version of Weber (Savard). And he's still failed to address our need of a mobile defencemen to supplement Petry on another pairing. Even when Edmundson returns, if we site Wideman, outside of Petry we have nobody who is a proven puck mover/offensive threat. Kulak is fine in the bottom half, Romanov is a work in progress and likely won't be the solution for another 2-3 seasons. We lose KK ... now instead of being Suzuki, KK, Dvorak, Evans we're left with Suzuki, Dvorak, Evans, Paquette which far inferior. And that's no knock on Evans, but he's being asked to step into the full time 3rd line checking role when in reality he's a 4th line NHLer (4line, PK). And the treatment they gave KK, sitting him when they let Suzuki go 20 games without a point and still get 1st line minutes, maligning him in the media, lowballing him on a bridge deal ... no wonder he signed that ridiculous contract. He may have refused had the Habs treated him like an actual 3rd overall pick and given him a decent offer as a RFA. At the end of the day, this mess is squarely on MB's shoulders. Here we are again with a D corp that's outdated (slow), a forward group that lacks a legitimate star, and we were going to essentially rely on Carey Price who had a mental breakdown after losing in the finals. Not slagging on Price, slagging on MB for having the same plan year in and year out.
  11. Either way it doesn't matter except for transparency
  12. I'm not going to be popular with this but .... there have been long standing rumors that Carey has had a drug problem (cocaine). His lean look this past season (I was shocked actually as he looked incredibly thin, barely recognized him at start of last season to be honest), the rumors, his up and down performances ... now this. I dunno, I kind of wonder if the drug abuse rumors were true after all.
  13. There's a direct correlation between possession metrics and more goals for vs goals against. It's statistically meaningful. If you're possession numbers are crap, you're likely a checking forward and not going to generate offense. End of story. It can be shown time and time again. Face Off wins ... while nice, have no statistically meaningful impact on goals for vs against. The impact is 2% or so at best for the top guy in the league vs the worst guy in the league. Give me a line of possession monsters and I'll show you a line that rarely gets scored on (as they always have the puck) and definitely scores more often than their opponents. Even the great Scotty Bowman stated "the best defense is to have the puck". KK's numbers showed that a) he had bad wingers b) was suffering from some bad luck c) was due to breakout The ONLY reason we don't have him right now is Carolina threw us a fast ball. I think over the next 2-3 years we're all going to be upset we don't have him on our roster.
  14. Its not that Juulsen is a bad player. Before he took two pucks to the face in one game, he was looking to be progressing into a top 4 D ... then the injury happened and the sheer amount of time he's missed has caused that progression to halt. Now, could he still live up to his potential? maybe, but he'd be a project and likely needs a lot of game time in the AHL
  15. We didn't resign him and he's in the KHL
  16. Can we discuss other non-habs related things like ... pie or cake?
  17. You have a choice but that choice is not free from consequence. It is NOT a view or opinion when that "view or opinion" is demonstrably wrong. Science, medicine, statistics and facts all show vaccines (and the Covid vaccine) are safe and effective .. so by all means, choose not to get one but that choice will exclude you from society. No different than choosing to smoke ... smoke outside if you want to smoke
  18. Exactly. The wife and I were discussing it on the eve of the election ... and at this point if you're unvaccinated without a valid medical reason (and I'm hard pressed to find info on what that valid reason would be) then it's just selfish willful ignorance
  19. Yeah didn't bother to look it up ... guessed it was in the 100s of millions at the least
  20. We're 18 months into a pandemic, a year since the Vaccine rolled out ... millions of doses world wide ... so Vaccine hesitancy isn't a legitimate excuse anymore. If you're failing to get vaccinated its a willful choice to be disingenuously ignorant in the face of overwhelming proof that it is safe, effective and needed. Not to mention the right thing to do.
  21. The only valid reason would be medical ...and that reason is rare to almost non-existant.
  22. Its a Vaccination and there is no legimate good excuse to not have gotten it yet, period. You are free to choose not to get it but that choice, like any choice in life, comes with consequences and benefits. If Ylonen is showing himself to be a science denying antivaxxer then yes, trade him. Its time we stopped tolerating people who want to ignore facts and try and twist it into a "difference of opinion". It's not an opinion if its demonstrably wrong. Period.
  23. Ettedgui is ... well I got nothing nice to say about that waste of human breath
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