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  1. KK 1g3a in last 10 PO games, -4 Staal 1g0a in last 10 PO games, -5 Really, there's zero justification for sitting KK over Staal
  2. KK 1g3a in last 10 PO games, -4 Staal 1g0a in last 10 PO games, -5 Tough one for me, Stall/Armia/Perry works and has had success ... but KK is just better than Staal if inexperienced
  3. Well Merrill helped us win when he wasn't playing, so there's that ....
  4. And I've bolded the one who's stellar play in rounds 1-3 is what carried this anemic offensive team to the finals. Now Price is back to regular season Price and the team can't win for their lives
  5. Sit Gallagher, dress Armia Toffoli - Suzuki - Caufield Byron - JK - Anderson Lehkonen - Danault - Evans Armia - Staal - Perry
  6. Have followed the Habs for close to 50 years, the only team I follow ... being realistic and honest about their chances is not jumping ship.
  7. https://www.hockey-reference.com/playoffs/playoff-history.cgi#when::none 75% of the time the home team wins Game 1 of a 7 game series they win that series. 58% the road team wins if they win game 1. This game was huge, and I don't know that our boys have the talent to recover from this.
  8. Yeah. TB offense is just too much for the Habs.
  9. Except the league was totally fine with them cheating the cap system in the first place. If the League did not like it they would have commented and failing that TB would have faced a lot of penalties in first 3 rounds to prevent them going deep.
  10. I am just not that optimistic. The only reason we are where we are is Carey Price. For TB they have a goalie with the same stat line, so the difficulty we have scoring just got even worse. Despite the big 4 D playing exceptional, they're still making mistakes and TB is a team that will bury those mistakes. I think we push them to 6 games, but not convinced we win the cup.
  11. Listen, despite our PO success ... I'm still not sold on the notion that MB is a good GM. He's more or less lucked out ... Price returning to form, the big 4 D finally playing decently (though if you watch, they're still brutal in some cases and getting hemmed into their zone). The PK coming up big at the right time etc. The whole concept that "you just need to make the playoffs" is not a sound principle to build a team around. This is still the same team that struggled for good chunks of the regular season. This is still a team whose scoring prowess is more a prayer than a given.
  12. True, but they also haven't faced a stifling defense and the goalie with the best stats in the playoffs. The big 4 led by Weber could potentially frustrate the hell out of TB and all it takes is for Carey to get in their head and suddenly the goals dry up.
  13. The key is Game 1 ... whether the Habs lose or not. If the score is close, say 2-1 or 3-2 ... then that lets Carey get in their heads.
  14. Win or lose ... hopefully this is the correction of the organizations mentality they've had since Houle made it a mess
  15. I was 6 for the 72/73 win ... my first memories of the Habs ... then the 4 cups in late 70s ... the 6 years of pain till Patrick Roy and 86, and then the unbelievable roller coaster of 93 and the 11 OT wins.
  16. Teams that go up 3 games to 2 historically win the series 80% of the time ... the Habs themselves are 89.7% successful in this situation over their history. Montreal has an all-time record of 26-3 (.897) when leading 3-2 in a best-of-7 Stanley Cup Playoff series. Teams that take a 3-2 lead in a best-of-seven playoff semifinals series are 68-16 (.810) to win that series. I firmly believe we win tonight and for the first time since 1993 the Habs are in the finals.
  17. Yup and now his choices are roll the dice with Fleury again or throw Lehner in there and the pressure of elimination. I was surprised he did not come back with Lehner for game 5.
  18. HabsAlways


    Well he's now tied with Crosby and those others for most goals in playoffs by under 21
  19. If you discount his first 2 years with Ottawa ... since 2007/2008 Spezza has appeared in 56 games and scored 15g ... that's 2g per 7gp ... not exactly a "critical ability to score goals in the playoffs"
  20. Played his two first pro seasons with habs ... was a black ace squad for 86 cup, but didn't see any PO action. Good skater, good passer from what I remember
  21. Betteman does not see that as an issue, as the TV contract in Canada is all but guaranteed money. The US TV contract however depends on its ratings ... and a Canadian team in finals is bad for ratings in the US.
  22. Yeah, he's disappeared again ... he had a few games there where that bottom line of him, Perry and Armia were very effective against the Jets but they're not doing the same offensive zone cycle/domination they were against the Knights
  23. Evans and Danault over all would be an even swap I think. We'd take a bit of a hit defensively, but Evans has more speed and maybe a bit more offense. Hard to tell unless we saw Evans long term try to fill those boots.
  24. Yup ... Game 4 is down to the Habs lack of scoring. We can debate the effect the officiating had on the game but the majority of it was played 5v5 and we scored 1 goal
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