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    https://www.eliteprospects.com/league/nhl/stats/all-time/playoffs?age=u21&sort=g Thats players 21 and under all time goal scoring in Play offs KK is 29th ... 1 goal behind guys like Crosby, Modano, Brind'Amour, Turgeon, Kane, Gordie Howe ... so ... yeah, he's doing fine.
  2. Look at the trail of teams Hall has been on ... we don't need Hall, he's a cancer
  3. The Staal pass? yeah looking at the replay I don't think Staal actually meant the puck to go that direction, he looked suprised himself. That or he forgot what zone he was in.
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    /His hooking penalty on Patches was a joke. He lifts Patches stick, Patches grabs KK stick and it's KK who gets called.
  5. Not sure what Merril you're watching but it's not the one playing for the Habs. Kulak vs Romanov sure. Merrill however shouldn't even be in the NHL. Romanov already plays better than everyone in the AHL, including Ouellette
  6. Chris Lee would. McDavid had a goal called back in OT in regular season that was questionable at best ... in fact, most think the goal should have counted. When McD scored the winner in Shootout he skated past Lee and said "Review that" ... and got slapped with a 10 min misconduct
  7. He was beast mode for game 3
  8. After that game I think Carey might be getting in their heads. Hopefully we can play an entire game like we did in the first half of game 2. And couple guys need to start producing, Gallagher and Anderson ... looking at you.
  9. He played 4 games and total of 21 regular season games between Bruins and Nashville. He played 28 games last year after having not played in the NHL since 2016 (AHL). Tinordi wasn't discarded by the Habs, he's simply nothing more than a fringe player.
  10. I actually think we have a decent chance against Vegas ... their style vs ours ... as long as Price keeps being MVP Price we have just enough depth to smother theirs.
  11. Essentially ... Avalanche are Toronto in terms of style and strengths. Knights are the Habs on steroids.
  12. Yeah, but for some reason right now he's the one leading our team in pts ... so there's that. Think its a case of our top lines being shut down or not performing and the Staal/Perry/Armia line being a nightmare once they get it in the zone ... if they can get out of our zone and get the puck deep they're able to keep there almost at will as all three guys are some of the strongest players on the boards in the league. The issue is getting it out of the zone ...which Armia seems to have solved ... he gets it out of our zone, rags it through the neutral zone to the let the two old guys catch up, then dumps and chases it forcing the D to turn and follow him, letting the old guys catch up even more. Its working, I don't know if its sustainable.
  13. While I am still skeptical of our chances to go all the way or even getting past the Jets ... the start to these playoffs is definitely giving me shades of 93. The team effort to shut down the other side ... check Finding a way to score those big goals ... check Price channeling his "Patrick Roy" for "nah, you won't score another" ... check 93 wasn't as much of an uphill battle if you look at the standings ... we were close to Quebec for the first round, then we played the Sabres who finished 16 pts behind us.
  14. The deeper we go the more concerned I get with our D ... our top 4 did step up for the last 3 games against the leafs, but given how Weber/Chiarot specifically played down the stretch I'm sitting here waiting for the regression back to being pylons. Weber especially, we all know how he starts to look gassed after too much ice time and we just played the hell out of him in the last 4 games.
  15. This team has let me down numerous times in the last decade ... but yes, yes we are going to win Game 7. I know it's only 2 OT wins .. but I'm getting vibes of 93
  16. This team has let me down numerous times in the last decade ... but yes, yes we are going to win Game 7
  17. Had the game taped, just saw KK score .... lol Toronto Laughs
  18. Examples 2006 we take Fischer 20th ... Claude Giroux, Nick Foligno, Patrick Berglund, Jeff Petry all on the table still. None of our first 3 picks turned into NHL talent. 2007 was a decent year, McDonough, Paccioretty, Subban, Yannick Webber ... all NHLers 2008 we take Danny Kristo ... could have had Michael Stone, Zack Smith, Adam Henrique, TJ Brodie. Nobody from 2008 played a single NHL game 2009 we take LL ... the list of players taken after LL is a couple dozen, most notably Ryan O'Rielly. Outside of Gabrielle Dumont's 90 NHL games, nobody else in 2009 made it 2010 Tinordi ... again, a dozen or so players after him with 500+ NHL games, and except for lucking out with Gallagher, nobody else makes it 2011 Beaulieu was a good pick, but maligned and ran out of town. Outside of Bealieu nobody else makes it ... thought to be fair we had no 2nd or 3rd rounders 2012 Galchenyuk ... a weak draft, but a servicable winger had we not soured on him. The issue however is the two 2nds, 3rd and 4th round picks that never made the NHL despite plenty of guys in those rounds who did. 2013 McCarron ... Ok we got Lehknonen, Andrighetto (no longer in NHL) and DeLaRose ... all servicable players. But between McCarron and 8 picks later DeLaRose ... Shea Theodore, Ryan Hartman. McCarron was a wasted pick on a 6'6 player who every scout said couldn't skate. 2014 Scherbak and Lernout in first 2 rounds ... both busts, Evan in the 7th round. Adrian Kempe, Brendan Lemieux, Marcus Petterson were all available. So between 2006 and 2014 our drafting was horrible ... yes, drafting Price pushed us to draft lower as he made our record better than it should have been ... but we totally wasted the picks we DID have. 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2014 we have nobody that made it to the NH or became NHL regular. 2010, 2011, 2012 we have 3 NHL players.. Imagine if we had at least 2 from each of those draft years that became NHL regulars ... even if they're not playing for us now they would have been assets to use to trade up in the draft or to improve our roster through trades. That is 14 NHL regulars we could have had for those 7 drafts years .. instead we drafted 3. The combination of poor drafting and awful player development is exactly what has led us to wasting Price's career. He was the closest thing to a generational player we have had since Roy and Lafleur. But that's the problem with drafting an elite goalie ... he can't score, so if your GM's are incompetent that elite goalie can only do so much.
  19. From 2006-2014 this is who they drafted with their highest pick ... and in many cases there were far better players on that list that got picked later (perhaps some of them only turned out better in hindsight) David Fischer - No NHL games Ryan McDonagh - Traded for Scott Zero Goals Gomez Danny Kristo - No NHL games Louis Leblanc - 50 nhl games Jared Tinordi - 102 NHL games Nathan Beaulieu - 395 NHL games, traded for a pick I believe Galchenyuk - 583 games Michale McCarron - 75 NHL games Nikita Scherbak - 37 NHL games Drafting Price gave us an elite goalie ... the GMs however failed to build any kind of respectable team in front of him.
  20. Technically speaking I should have said "One would" rather than "You would" ... that's the closer grammatically to what I was expressing
  21. "You" as in "Why someone would rag on the dmen", not you specifically, in response to your post "I agree, why keep ragging on the deeman, when your top center has 0 points in the playoffs"
  22. You rag on the Dman such as Weber, Chiarot and Edmundson for having minimal speed and consistently getting hemmed up in our own end ... thus leading to our Forwards not being in the other end of the ice. That's why. Weber while he's been better than regular season is still a pylon on the ice ... you can't cross check your way to a cup.
  23. One of the major issues with the Canadiens since the early 80s has been a common theme that every GM has repeated. Start in Goal. As much as I like Carey and think with the right team in front of him he'd have won multiple cups by now ... you can't just rely on the goalie. Which is what the Habs have been doing since the 80s. Dryden won us at least one cup on his own in the 70s so they jumped at the chance of getting Roy. Roy won us 2. And since then every GM has tried to emulate that formula of great/elite goalie to win you everything. And in doing so over looked that the complete rosters of those teams were more than just defensive shutdown Dmen, that there was talent amongst the forwards, skating ability for the D. And while one could argue that without Roy we never win in 86 and 93 we likely also would have still contended with a slightly lesser goalie given the rest of the roster. Habs GMs are drawing the wrong conclusion from the past and putting our success on the back of one player out of 20.
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