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  1. From 2006-2014 this is who they drafted with their highest pick ... and in many cases there were far better players on that list that got picked later (perhaps some of them only turned out better in hindsight) David Fischer - No NHL games Ryan McDonagh - Traded for Scott Zero Goals Gomez Danny Kristo - No NHL games Louis Leblanc - 50 nhl games Jared Tinordi - 102 NHL games Nathan Beaulieu - 395 NHL games, traded for a pick I believe Galchenyuk - 583 games Michale McCarron - 75 NHL games Nikita Scherbak - 37 NHL games Drafting Price gave us an elite goalie ... the GMs however failed to build any kind of respectable team in front of him.
  2. Technically speaking I should have said "One would" rather than "You would" ... that's the closer grammatically to what I was expressing
  3. "You" as in "Why someone would rag on the dmen", not you specifically, in response to your post "I agree, why keep ragging on the deeman, when your top center has 0 points in the playoffs"
  4. You rag on the Dman such as Weber, Chiarot and Edmundson for having minimal speed and consistently getting hemmed up in our own end ... thus leading to our Forwards not being in the other end of the ice. That's why. Weber while he's been better than regular season is still a pylon on the ice ... you can't cross check your way to a cup.
  5. One of the major issues with the Canadiens since the early 80s has been a common theme that every GM has repeated. Start in Goal. As much as I like Carey and think with the right team in front of him he'd have won multiple cups by now ... you can't just rely on the goalie. Which is what the Habs have been doing since the 80s. Dryden won us at least one cup on his own in the 70s so they jumped at the chance of getting Roy. Roy won us 2. And since then every GM has tried to emulate that formula of great/elite goalie to win you everything. And in doing so over looked that the complete rosters of those teams were more than just defensive shutdown Dmen, that there was talent amongst the forwards, skating ability for the D. And while one could argue that without Roy we never win in 86 and 93 we likely also would have still contended with a slightly lesser goalie given the rest of the roster. Habs GMs are drawing the wrong conclusion from the past and putting our success on the back of one player out of 20.
  6. I'm not sure what Weber you're watching, but it's not the one currently playing for the Habs.
  7. As long as the Canadiens hamstring themselves with the "must be bilingual" we're always going to be in a boat of "be careful what you wish for". Sure we could fire MB and DD. Then what? Who is french and can take over? Roy and Carbs? Tremblay again? I wish the Canadiens could just go with the best candidate available, but it's never going to happen.
  8. Over Merrill? Merril brings nothing at all, Kulak at least can skate it out of the zone unlike Merrill, Weber, Edmundson
  9. Caufield, who sat out the team’s first two games, skated with Joel Armia and Nick Suzuki as the team looks to generate more offence. He confirmed he will be playing the game after practice. Tomas Tatar did not skate at morning skate, but he will be in the lineup. Eric Staal will be out. Dominique Ducharme said that he will keep his lines to himself until game time as some adjustments will need to be made as Tatar will be in for Staal. Ducharme said that Staal is not 100%. Jesperi Kotkaniemi skated with Tyler Toffoli and Brendan Gallagher, and Phillip Danault was with Josh Anderson and Paul Byron. Ben Chiarot skated with Shea Weber, as the defence pairings also get moved around. Brett Kulak skated with Jon Merrill.
  10. Not sure if anyone commented in this thread yet ... but game 2 was an embarrassment for officiating. The leafs could do no wrong, and the Habs wound up having to kill 6 penalties to Toronto's 1. The amount of interferance, hooking, tripping and other infractions that the refs turned a blind eye to is simply ridiculous. And when you're shorthanded for a good 6-8 minutes of period you have zero abilities to get any momentum. Given the revelations earlier in the year from that hot mic ... the fix is in, the league wants Toronto to win for their "story narrative" and the Habs are at a serious disadvantage beyond just the difference in talent.
  11. While I'm glad we won the first game ... I'm also mad that we gave Staal and Merrill so much undeserved ice time
  12. Given his deployment of players over the last 10-20 games ... its definitely #3
  13. sure, but he plays a better 200 foot game than Staal at any rate
  14. KK also plays a strong 200 foot game ... and when Suzuki was slumping, not scoring, he was also costing us goals, and couldn't win a faceoff for his life. Bottom line is they're not treated the same way from the eye test. Suzuki has not been demoted or moved to wing at any point, despite KK being stronger in the faceoff circle and at their worst times being just as good defensively if not better than Suzuki. And to compound the argument ... Staal is who is an utter tire fire on the ice gets more ice time than KK some nights, including PP time.
  15. Or as one fan tweeted "It's so nice to see Suzuki excelling with a team that trusts him, supports him through slumps, and gives him all the tools he needs to succeed. Kotkaniemi will have all that too someday. The team that gives him those things will not be the Montreal Canadiens."
  16. For context that's a different line combo every 3 games ...
  17. KK has had 18 different line combinations this year ... sure you could argue they're trying to get him going, you could also argue that consistent amount of change is going to directly lead to inconsistency.
  18. I can live with those lines. Kotkaniemi has had 18 different line combinations this year. The his deployment shows they value him less than even Staal ... won't shock me if they trade him and we look back in 5 years and think "wtf was MB thinking"
  19. True, but Alex G was at best a winger. There were fundamental issues with his game that would have precluded him ever being an effective center. That entire draft was weak in the first round for forwards as well. Kotkaniemi has far better hockey IQ, plays a 200 foot game (can be argued whether he's good at it yet) that AG never did. JK's first year as the youngest player in the NHL he put up 11g23a and has only regressed ... that just highlights the Habs total mismanagement of him. Rather than giving him good linemates, PP time, playing him as the 2nd C ... they've bounced him around the lineup. Any mistake or lack of production on his part and they slap him down and saddle him with grinders. Meanwhile, Nick Suzuki during his mid-season slump was thrown out there time after time with the best wingers, on the first PP unit, while losing 70% of the faceoffs, not producing a point and being a defensive liability some nights. What would a young JK think of that difference in treatment?
  20. But Kotkaniemi wasn’t part of the conversation when Ducharme looked at the lines he hopes to see in the playoffs. “There are some combinations that we’re already familiar with,” said Ducharme. “We know there’s a lot of chemistry between Phillip Danault, Brendan Gallagher and Tomas Tatar. We expect them to play together. Generally, I like what Nick Suzuki and Tyler Toffoli can do together. It remains to be seen who’ll play on the right side. Joël Armia did well, but it was a little tougher last night. The line of Jake Evans, Paul Byron and Artturi Lehkonen was excellent. We’re counting on those combinations and we’ll make more decisions over time. If you’re keeping track at home, that means Kotkaniemi is competing with Anderson, Corey Perry, Eric Staal and rookie Cole Caufield for one of three available spots.
  21. And more from this year ... KK starts performing while Suzuki is struggling midseason ... did we see Suzuki moved to wing? Play 3rd line with guys like Lehkonen or Byron? Nope
  22. In hindsight, Galchenyuk was more suited to be a winger ... but ... they still play this game with all our young players. Rather than letting them learn they repress them by overly limiting ice time, not putting them into situations they should be expected to play in their prime and thus stunting their development. I'll use Kotkaniemi as the example. Even as young as he is, 3 years into the NHL he should be one of our top 2 C's behind Dano or Suzuki. JK has flashes of brilliance, vision that is rarely seen in players, However, the Habs coaching keeps overly sheltering him to the point he's regressed if anything and instead of building on the strong set of natural skills and vision he has, he plays scared to make a mistake and get his ice time cut.
  23. Did Kotkaniemi get hurt? He's got 6 m of ice time in the game ... Staal has 8
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