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  1. Guys were too busy replaying that beautiful goal in their heads and fell asleep
  2. If our guys currently injured are healthy come play off start ... you are 100% correct on how DD will deploy the players. Staal, Merril, Perry, Weber, Chiarot, Price all over used because of experience when clearly the talent has slipped away.
  3. And this is the problem with the MB Era ... relying on Price to fix all the problems with the rest of the roster and expecting him to steal every game for us. He's out on Concussion protocols, doubt he's back for the 1st round, even if he is has he honestly played any better than Allen this year? No.
  4. Forgot we were playing, tuned in to see them score the 2nd goal ... lol pathetic
  5. Given that Poehling is from Minnesota, and if the Wild believe he can at least be a 3rd line, maybe 2nd line C I can see them going for this
  6. George will look silly when Wilson doesn't follow his code
  7. I think the more likely explanation, is he was playing poor and he pushed himself too much in the aggression and physical play and did indeed hurt himself now
  8. A Habs Win and a Jets loss tonight and we're in 3rd
  9. So unless we have game records for that 1930's player its hard to determine if his first 2 goals were GWG in OT, as OT back then was not sudden death.
  10. The Betteman era change is the loser point and the shootout. OT in the 80's and 90s ... you lost, you got nothing
  11. Just to clarify and add ... OT is not a Betteman era thing ... and it wasn't only started in 1983 The History of NHL Regulation OT https://records.nhl.com/history/historical-rule-changes 1927-28 To further encourage offense, forward passes allowed in defending and neutral zones and goaltender's pads reduced in width from 12 to 10 inches. Game standardized at three twenty-minute periods of stop-time separated by ten-minute intermissions. Teams to change ends after each period. Ten minutes of sudden-death overtime to be played if the score is tied after regulation time. Minor penalty to be assessed to any player other than a goaltender for deliberately picking up the puck while it is in play. Minor penalty to be assessed for deliberately shooting the puck out of play. The Art Ross goal net adopted as the official net of the NHL. Maximum length of hockey sticks limited to 53 inches measured from heel of blade to end of handle. No minimum length stipulated. Home teams given choice of end to defend at start of game. 1928-29 Forward passing permitted in defensive and neutral zones and into attacking zone if pass receiver is in neutral zone when pass is made. No forward passing allowed inside attacking zone. Minor penalty to be assessed to any player who delays the game by passing the puck back into his defensive zone. Ten-minute overtime without sudden-death provision to be played in games tied after regulation time. Games tied after this overtime period declared a draw. Exclusive of goaltenders, team to dress at least 8 and no more than 12 skaters. 1942-43 Because of wartime restrictions on train scheduling, regular-season overtime was discontinued on November 21, 1942. Player limit reduced from 15 to 14. Minimum of 12 men in uniform abolished. 1983-84 Five-minute sudden-death overtime to be played in regular-season games that are tied at the end of regulation time So between 1928 and 1942 (14 years) the league played a 10 min OT in the regular season. It was brought back in 1983 . This was during Ziegler's time.
  12. The other part of the Wilson incident that really annoys me ... is after he's slammed the first guy and then rag dolls Panarin by the hair, Wilson NEVER drops the gloves ... 25-30 years ago Wilson would be out cold on the ice from a guy like Nilan, Kocur, Probert, etc etc ... but this punk does everything he did while keeping his gloves on to "protect" his goalie, then taunts the Rangers from the penalty box like he's some white knight enforcer
  13. all the confidence Kotkaniemi had been showing is now gone after they started bouncing him to wing
  14. I mean that's supposedly why we went and got Chiarot, Edmundson, Merril ... for size in front of the net, but it sure doesn't play out that way
  15. so we get scored on with 2m left in the period ... and the pushback line that's thrown out is Staal, Perry and Frolik ... sigh
  16. I mean its possible he's a very late bloomer (at 29) and was just under utilized on prior teams
  17. he fits in the press box ... pity DD and MB haven't figured that out
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