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  1. What I find funny, is the 2nd game against Ottawa ... Weber got caught flat footed and nobody mentions it ... PK does that, and everyone is up in arms about how bad he is at D.
  2. Plus/Minus has got to be the single most useless stat in the league. You're in the penalty box, step on the ice just as the goal goes in on the PP ... it's counted as regular strength and you get a nice MINUS. Other than the penalty, how did you have any ability to control that goal? How do you have any ability for the other 4 skaters on your line being subpar defensively? Or you tend to be on the ice more than others etc etc Advanced Metrics clearly show PK is a superior Dman to Weber.
  3. We're bringing Douglas Murray back to play on Weber's leftside so we have two crushing hitters out there ... it'll work out this time, really ... I mean him and Weber can spend their entire shift hitting the other team. Of course, neither one of them will ever touch the puck but hey ... GRIT and CHARACTER
  4. I'm sure in MT and MB's eyes that's also because Price was out
  5. Why ... why couldn't it have been DD for Weber?
  6. Yes .... because in the words of Darren Pang ... what Weber has that PK doesn't ... is he plays and talks the "white" way. PK could lead the league in scoring for dman and the media and neanderthals like MT would still be putting him down. The NHL has no room for flamboyant individuals ... it's not jsut race, it's personality. They want robots that say the exact same thing as every other player during an interview.
  7. Woot dug around and found it : https://account.nhl.com/ui/pub/Login
  8. Hey in MB's defense ... he never said building through WHOSE draft choices MB "I'm building through the draft ... other peoples drafts"
  9. Emelin's penchant for hitting is why he's coveted in the West. I don't think the Oilers though would have gone for just Emelin + ? ... it would have probably been Emelin + Beaulieu or Emelin + Juulsen .... Emelin to be the "stay at home" guy and another dman with some offensive upside.
  10. The NHL and CHL have an agreement in place that stipulates if a player drafted from one of the three leagues that make up the CHL doesn’t join his NHL club at the beginning of a season, that he must return to the major junior team he was selected from. The AHL is not an option for CHL players until they turn 20. The key wording here is "drafted by the CHL" ... that includes Euro players taking in the CHL Import Draft (sorry for font)
  11. I did not watch a single Habs game for nearly 7 years after the Roy trade. I was that disgusted with the organization. I'm almost that disgusted now. If Habs struggle out of the gate, it'll be a big "told you so" and off goes the TV.
  12. Yeah ... the comparison of puck touches between Subban and Weber was surprising. If MT plays Weber - Markov I picture them being trapped in the zone forever.
  13. Weber is pretty darn slow ... seen him a couple of times live in the last 2 years against Oilers. And the trade is just brutal ... Weber is good, really good ... I won't say he's the 2nd best dman in the league like some, he's top 20 still ... it would just be easier to swallow if it wasn't a 1 for 1 given all the factors ... the numbers show that Subban is the better player at this point in their respective careers.
  14. We'll probably sign Douglas Murray in the next few days and he can play with Weber for a "GRIT" pairing
  15. I think you highly underestimate just how incompetent this man is I don't even want to contemplate just how long he'll leave Weber and Markov together while 2/3 of the league skates past them night after night.
  16. Except this isn't what we'll get at all ... Pacioretty - DD - Gallagher Carr - Plekenec - Shaw Andrighetto - Galchenyuk - Radulov Mitchel - Danault - Byron That will probably be our opening night lineup ... this will ast for about 2-3 weeks until this is what we get Patches - DD - Gallagher Carr - Plekenec - Byron Galchenyuk - Shaw - Danault Flynn - Mitchell - Radulov For another 2-3 weeks before Radulov migrates to the press box and stays there for the rest of season to be replaced by some 4th line grit player who sucks.
  17. Nope, because he has OHL rights
  18. My feelings about the state of the Habs since the Eller trade, to the PK trade http://i.imgur.com/gk4mA0I.mp4
  19. You know it's going to happen as much as I don't want to see it
  20. So Weber, Markov, Petry, Beaulieu, Pateryn, Barberio, Emelin, Sergachev (just signed) with Juulsen, Lernout?
  21. We're bringing back Douglas Murray
  22. Semantics ... I can dig out other graphics that show that in every way PK is the superior player. Weber is on the decline and has been over rated for the last 3-4 years.
  23. l Like I said, almost every advanced metric
  24. Hey ... at least the Habs are consistent
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