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  1. l Like I said, almost every advanced metric
  2. Hey ... at least the Habs are consistent
  3. We totally got shafted ... most points of any dman in the last few years other than Karlsson, every advanced metric showing how much superior PK is to Weber. Older player, worse contract, slow and not mobile like PK ... in every aspect we got shafted. This trade was about getting rid of PK and minimizing the damage (Weber) not about making the Habs a better team.
  4. Every advanced metric suggests otherwise ... that PK Subban is in fact a far better player than Weber is at this time.
  5. Before it implodes and takes down the internet? Because how much more negative than trading PK Subban can you get?
  6. Chiarelli - "Hey, you want Hall for Subban" Bergevin "Nah" Chiarelli "Fine, I'm going to trade him to NJ for Larsson ... out do that stupid move" Bergevin "Hold my beer"
  7. Won't let me edit my own post! Highmore 2016 - Unranked by CSS 2015 - Unranked by CSS 2014 - Ranked 155th Povorozniouk 2013-2016 Has never made the CSS rankings Nathan Noel 2016 - Ranked 171 by CSS 2015 - Ranked 54 by CSS I'll pass on all 3 as all of them are likely to be career AHLers at best
  8. Highmore 2016 - Unranked by CSS 2015 - Unranked by CSS Not ranked by CSS for 2016, Ranked 155th in 2014 draft, unclaimed. Ranked Povorozniouk - Not ranked by CSS for 2016, Nathan Noel - Ranked 171st by CSS for 2016, Snubbed in 2015 draft after being Ranked 54 ... pass
  9. EDIT : As you can see, I don't think we need a lot of changes other than some tweaks and to dump Therrien. If this team stays healthy, they're a top team in the league
  10. Taking into account NTC/NMC .... Patches - Galchenyuk - Gallagher Carr/Hudon - Eller - McCarron DLR - Plekenec - ? Danault - Mitchel - ? Beaulieu - Subban Markov - Petry Emelin/Barbeiro - Pateryn Our D is set For the 3rd line we target a speedy energy RW with some size and grit with a strong 2way game For the 4th line we target a good shutdown winger with size and that can play C take FO's Now, if we're able to pull off some sort of big trade to dump DD and say Emelin for a top 6 RW .. then McCarron fills the 3rd line spot and Dietz becomes the 7th dman
  11. I realize this, but the DLR call up is still puzzling ... he was off the radar. There's others in the farm that were doing better. DLR could feasibly center a 3rd or 4th line checking unit ... presuming we're about to trade Eller or Pleks
  12. Calling up DLR, a defensively responible center with some offensive potential says to me there's another trade coming ... Pleks? Eller?
  13. Sorry, but this is a poor excuse for bad behaviour. "We don't mature till 25" because "our frontal lobes aren't developed" No, this is a case of bad parenting and a selfish individual. Yes it's possible Kassian had other issues he was dealing with but the argument that "well he's just a kid" doesn't wash. For starters, many studies show that even toddlers know right from wrong. And in Kassian's case he was most definitely aware that using a controlled narcotic is wrong. I wish him well, but he made a choice ... plain and simple.
  14. I'm torn on this I've not been overly impressed with his work ethic in the playoffs ... but by the same token, he has flashes of brilliance with the puck. If the price is right, I want him back. But if we're going to over pay him to stay, thank him and show him the door.
  15. This When we first got him, I had a hope we'd resign him. After watching his total lack of interest in competing during these playoffs I want nothing to do with him. Maybe he can take Murray with him.
  16. Erie only brought 1 goalie with them on the road to Niagara (St. Catharines) Feb.4, 2012 who got injured at the beginning of the game. Erie was forced to dress a skater in goalie equipment and put him in net. Connor Crisp donned the pads and played as goaltender for the entire remainder of the game. He allowed 13 goals but was named 1st Star and was congratulated strongly by both the Niagara fans and the Niagara hockey players. Double checked, phew ... we didn't draft him as a goalie
  17. While a long shot, this series is still winnable IF ... 1) The Habs can play the same way they did in Games 1, 2 and 4 ... all 60 mins, no sitting back protecting a lead. If they're up by 1, they should be pressing to go up by 2 .. if they're up by 2, pressing to go up by 3 2) Officiating ... this is the big if, it still annoys me that the Habs were 1st for PP oppurtunities @ 4.22/game to Ottawa's 3.27/game. In the playoffs however ... 3.5/game for MTL and 5.0 for OTT. I just don't accept that Montreal has changed it's game so much that they're drawing almost a PP/game less and that Ottawa is now drawing almost 2 oppurtunities per game. Smacks of biased officiating, and Game 4 was a good example ... 3 PP's for Ottawa, 1 for MTL ... if they had called more infractions, things that WOULD have been called in the regular season, MTL would have had 2-3 more in that game and possibly another goal to show for it. 3) Budaj ... here's hoping the spirit of Jacques Plante and Vezina decide to possess him ... 4) Speed ... Speed and more Speed ... MTL has to simply outskate Ottawa and keep the play in the offensive zone as much as possible. The best defence around is simply posessing the puck far more often than your opponent.
  18. That's more what I meant, that their absence (both having been playing lethargically, imho) forces everyone else to pick up their game... hopefully they're not out long term and it does force our hand into trying a different line combination
  19. To be honest, it might be a small blessing that Patches/Gio are out ... not Eller, we need Eller But Patches and Gio have severely underperformed this year. If we move Galchenyuk up a line, we get two scoring lines and two checking lines 1st two lines for offense, 3rd line for shut down, 4th line for energy ... and with Eller, Gio, Patches out hopefully the team plays that much harder
  20. Thoughts after game 1 .... - our depth is going to be challenged with Eller, Gio and Patches out - We need to find a way to get pucks past Anderson ... yes, we had 50+ shots and were clearly the better team despite what any Sens fan might say ... the problem is a lot of those shots were not from prime scoring areas and were easier saves - We have to be consistent for 60 mins ... we came out flat in the 3rd period and Ottawa got the lead back. With the puck posession we had in the first 2 periods I fully thought we'd come out guns blazing in the 3rd. Instead we came out like we were happy to let the game play out with a 2-1 lead and sat back. - Yes, Ottawa won the first game ... but the sky is not falling quite yet. However, if we have another game where our shooting % is less than 10% this series is going to be over in a hurry - Josh Gorges needs a slap in the head. He's been atrocious for weeks now, and one of first two goals in the 3rd period was clearly his fault. The 4th goal by Ottawa I felt should have been disallowed ... same way Prust one was. Prust got bumped into the goalie by the Ottawa player and had his stick lifted into Anderson. On the Latendresse goal, GL barrels a montreal player into Price ... how is this any different? - DD ... oh what to say, I liked you ... I really did ... but man you're playing awful right now. If you're going to pivot one of the two offensive lines, you have to start making smart plays. - We have to tighten up our passing, the "long bomb" passes aren't working ... short and quick and get the Ottawa D turning around to follow. Our biggest assett is our speed, use it. - Unleash Galchenyuk ... 18-20 mins this game, top line, and let him be the race horse he is - Gallagher and Prust need to start getting yappy out there, far more than they were in 1st game ... get under their skins and let the power plays start piling up. - We have to start complaining about being thrown out of the faceoff circle! One of the few times I've ever agreed with CBC play by play guys is when they pointed out the Sens players yapped to the linesman and suddenly montreal is getting thrown out every other faceoff I have more, but I've got to band-aids on my fingers so I don't bite my fingernails to the stubs tonight
  21. The energy in the last two games seems to be "Hey, we clinched ... no need to hustle anymore!"
  22. Tinordi, to bring the one thing our D corp is missing ... size Beaulieu should get a sniff of the NHL, but I think his time would be better used playing in the AHL getting top mins and refining his two way game.
  23. The Boooins drop an easy game against Philly and are below 500 in their last 10 games!
  24. Good god no. Boumeester is completetly over rated. I'd rather develop Tinordi/Bealieu
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