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  1. I love it when he scores and Derek Wills calls his name. (Same with Brock Trotter). He runs on jetfuel.
  2. Some pictures today from the training camp scrimmage in Rink 2 @ Sportsplexe 4 Glaces, Pierrefonds, QC Rink 2 crowd waits Les Boys arrive in a blur Marc Denis, ready to go Waiting for the puck, Pacman in Red talking to someone at the line Denis plays the puck Chips, Lapierre, Dandy around the red line Breezer watches Denis scramble Heading for a faceoff Waiting for the faceoff Russell at the faceoff Kovy in white! Lang vs Pleky Lang faceoff again, with Subban at the blue line The losers, they're buying the White Team lunch
  3. Hello. Hnn I never introduced myself ^^; I was always too shy to do so in forums, but eh, it's the internet. Real name is Charlotte, I work in video games but I always wanted to be a hockey player (goalie) only my parents never let me 'cause they were afraid I'd lose my teeth or something. I only got to play in school floor hockey, old skool style 'cause we had no money for gear... I still have my teeth, though. Habs fan since day one, 1980! I love our current team and hope they'll bring in #25 :3 Current favourite Habs: Price, Komisaurus, Nonstopoulus Fav other NHLer: Marty Turco Fav other NHL team: Dallas Stars, NJ Devils Go Habs Go!
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