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  1. Hello. Hnn I never introduced myself ^^; I was always too shy to do so in forums, but eh, it's the internet. Real name is Charlotte, I work in video games but I always wanted to be a hockey player (goalie) only my parents never let me 'cause they were afraid I'd lose my teeth or something. I only got to play in school floor hockey, old skool style 'cause we had no money for gear... I still have my teeth, though.

    Habs fan since day one, 1980! I love our current team and hope they'll bring in #25 :3

    Current favourite Habs: Price, Komisaurus, Nonstopoulus

    Fav other NHLer: Marty Turco

    Fav other NHL team: Dallas Stars, NJ Devils

    Go Habs Go!

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