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  1. The Kid is back baby! Welcome back Sid!

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    2. Patrick-Kane


      I used to cheer for the other guy (what's his name again?) in the Crosby/Ovechkin rivalry. Let's just say these days are over. #WhataBeast

    3. Jonathan-Toews


      Crosby: Gold medal, Stanley Cup, and one other final.

      Ovechkin: Never go in the 3rd round in the playoffs, was doing nothing in the Canada-Russia game at the Olympics. You make your name in the big games. That's where you become great. Crosby is great, Ovechkin is just good.

    4. Patrick-Kane


      I don't know how he will end his career but for now Ovy isn't a big threat anymore in the regular season's games either. I mean he would only be the 3rd scorer on our team right now!

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