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  1. The Habs very near future is another Stanley Cup, it has taken three GM's Bob Gainey and Pierre Gauthier's demise along with Marc Bergevin's steely vision of returning the Habs to their former glory. Mac Bennett will be just one of the cogs in the wheel on a very long road back to glory, thanks S Bah.

    This guy is legit. I watch him almost every game here in Ann Arbor, and he is every bit as dominant as Trouba and Merril. At least the eye test tells me so. I wouldn't be surprised to see him climb up the depth chart really fast next year, he's smart, an awesome skater, and his passing and shot is really underrated IMO. I'm excited to see what he can do next year. The eye test tells me he is a possession-driving player. A little bit like Diaz actually. Doens't catch the eyes of casual fans, but man he does so many things well.

  2. Yes but he wont be be able to stop ellis tinordi and bealuie to take spots on the teamand he's the odd man out.. gorges and emelin are safe.

    Ellis is the only defenceman out of all those that's right defence and he's at least 2-3 yrs.away from playing in the NHL if he makes it.Diaz is already a proven quantity and he's only going to get better.

  3. It's good his raising his trade value because i can't see him being on the time for too long.. maybe work out a trade where him and weber go to Brooklyn to join Streit.. they are in need of dman and how :P

    Diaz has lots of talent,when he adds another 10 lbs. of muscle he'll be a very good RH Defenceman for the Habs.

  4. I am a traditionalist,,,,1st it was the board adverts,,,,and that ticked me off,,,,,,then came the on-ice adverts,,,,and that ticked me off,,,,and now I know that adverts on the uniforms is coming, and that will tick me off. The naming of the arenas is bad also.

    It's bad enough that "this puck drop is brought to you by,,,," or "this replay",,,,,,,or the "net-cam",,,etc.,,,etc.,,,etc.

    I know it's coming (the uniform adverts), and it won't be long (8-10 years maybe) before the POs will have a sponsor as well "This 1/4 final round of the Eastern Conference POs. brought to you by". The ice in the defensive zone is up for grabs as well for adverts,,,,,,adverts on the seats maybe?

    Advertising rakes in BIG bucks, and we all know that the owners LOVE money.

    Exactly Kinot 1,I still think of the days of the Montreal Forum and Danny Gallivan,"Good Evening everyone live from the Montreal Forum".If they start ruining the uniforms like the "Glowing Puck Era" somethings should retain their original beauty and besmirching the Hallowed Logo on the Habs jersey's with ads is like defacing the "Mona Lisa" in my world.

  5. I'm looking forward to the pre-season Bulldog games to see how Quailer does against AHL players.Finally Steve is going to open some eyes amongst the Hab and Bulldog fans.TVA is going to carry 40 Hamilton Bulldog regular season games this year,so all the Hab fans can watch the prospects learning the pro game in the AHL.I think they will surprise a lot of people that think they are to young and inexperienced,Go Bulldogs Go!

  6. So how are the lines lookin? Im guessing




    Stortini ??? ???

    St Denis-Nash





    The 4th line will probably be Holland centering Stortini at RW and Kyle Hagel at LW.Quailer can play all three forward positions,other defencemen are Pateryn and Stejskal both RDmen.I hope that helps Schultz is a RW that is learning to play at the front of the net and deflects pucks past the goalie his specialty(besides fighting).

  7. Well it's a race for him to beat Dalton Thrower,for guys named Daltan to play for the Habs first.I for one know he will play,it's a matter of when not if.Daltan was a late riser in 2008 and the Habs thought he would still be there when they picked.The good thing about having him now is with that 2nd round choice the Habs got Danny Kristo.Who knows maybe the Habs can have a new "Kid Line"with Leveille centering Leblanc and Kristo.That would be a super-fast skating line teams would have trouble containing or scoring on.

  8. It truly is a nice feeling knowing that the GM has the right players being signed to protect the integrity of the team and its fans from the punks that run amok in the NHL these days.There is nothing so degrading as watching the team and players that I value,having moronic bullies pushing our players around and laughing at them,knowing their will be no recourse either by our players.This due to the coaches and referees that are equally as asinine as said bullies,letting their players make a mockery of talented athletes with abilities the fans pay to see.Finally the owners have had enough and our new GM has obviously a mandate to put an end to this futility for everyone concerned.Thanks from this lifelong Hab fan for giving our team a level playing field where they will finally be respected instead of mocked for playing hockey the way it is meant to be played.

  9. We're definitely tougher, Moen white, Prust and Armstrong are real 3rd/4th line grinders. Not potential top 6 youngins-waiting on the lower lines-for their chance to crack the top 6.

    But the injuries we've had over the last few years aren't necessarily due to being pushed around. Imo our losing record reflects the fact that we've been pushed around(and lost many games in the 3rd period). Others were just bad luck, like cuts from skates, pucks in face and broken bones from blocking shots.

    Gorges knee according to him had been bad for a while, was just a matter of time. Marky's knee injuries had nothing to do with us being out muscled. One was a dirty hit from Grabs (believe that started it) and the other was probably one of the cleanest checks Cooke has ever dished out. Gionta missed time in his first season from blocking a shot (broken bone in foot) and the one that kept him out for the remainder of last year was a torn muscle he suffered shooting the puck.

    It seems like some of our injuries have to do with training or lack of. Like Gomez hurting his shoulder taking a FO. Groin injuries and pulled muscles are common place in sports. Every team gets them and it can reflect a lack of toughness, being worn down during a game or through a long season. I really don't think that's the case for us.

    The second hit was Eric Staal in the corner and Markov didn't see him coming,Staal just ran him over like a deer in the headlights.There was no attempt on his part to give him a break(Sportsmanship when you know the guy has a bum knee and he'd just comeback)a play I rank right up there with Chara's hit on Pacioretty,gutless.These plays result from players knowing that there will be no recourse for their cheap crappy AHL type plays.

  10. Lets be honest, habs are a weak team not as bad as their standing might say but still crappy. Habs might as well and tank and grab a linemate for Galchenyuk. Mackinnon plays C/RW. What better way for MB to start this habs team with two great offensive prospects and a couple blue chip prospect's in the ahl.

    Injuries was the big killer last year and Bergevin has taken steps to stop the abuse the Habs faced last season.The Habs have Prust,White and Moen who were both injured for most of the year,then the addition of Cole and Bourque last year has helped make the team a lot tougher than 2011-2012.Expect a team that expects respect this year and less injuries will be the result and it will show in the standings as well as on the team we ice every night.The teams that aren't prepared are in for a rude awakening,Shane Doan would make the change complete for opponents in the East.The Habs PP and PK will be tremendous and Plekanec will not be expected to carry the load as he has for years.

  11. armstrong might of been playing hurt but i will tell you hes all mouth you wont see him in too many scraps.

    The Eller,Armstrong,Prust line will certainly enjoy putting the hurt on their opponents much to the delight of all the Hab fans that have endured the face-washings and beatings the Habs have taken these last twenty years.I know I'm looking forward to the next season like a kid again,renewed vigor waiting for the opponent that thinks the CH is a target for abuse that they have become accustomed to for so long.Respect is earned and that will be the name of the game this season.

  12. When Bergevin signs the best IMO of the UFA's to a four year contract it will be an impact full deal that gives room for a young center like Galchenyuk room to excel and gain confidence.While playing on the PP,PK and five on five,if there is one player in the league strong enough it would be Shane Doan.(Milan Lucic?)hasn't a chance playing against this guy wait and see,it moves the Habs even further from the competition with the signings of character players like Prust,Bouillon and Armstrong.Look out all ye of no faith the Habs are going to be a tough opponent with the new regime in place.Remember how Rick Dudley played hockey the Habs are going to personify a work ethic unseen since the days of Scotty Bowman as coach.Take that Boston Booins.

  13. i agree it doesnt look like there are any changes and no other teams are interested in the likes of gomez kaberle desharnais markov gio pleks bourque or even cole for trades so no changes = same results.

    Don't count the Habs out of the picture to early,Tank is a term for armies and Bergevin is running a hockey team have no doubt about that.This team has a completely different perspective Bergevin and Dudley are winners and won't tolerate a losing mentality.

  14. Apparently Rene has been working out like crazy and intends to come to camp in great shape which should pay dividends for Bourque,his linemates and the Habs.This guy was being raved about at the beginning of last season let's see how his year starts and hopefully he finds consistency in his game also,as this has been a lingering rumor about his tendencies.Therrien isn't the type of coach that gives icetime to players that haven't earned the time.

  15. I certainly am glad to have Prust join the team he strikes me as someone I'd get along with really well.His teammates will undoubtedly feel the same way after a few cheap shot artists start their usual antics with the Habs.Having White Moen and Bourque on the team also should alleviate a lot of the injuries that result from the cheap shots that teams have been getting away with against the Habs for a decade now.Welcome aboard Brandon I can't wait for the pre-season to start let alone the real season.

  16. It's unfortunate that Brendan was injured in pre-season last year and it will probably take most of a season to return to old form.This can always be looked at as a blessing for the rookie laden defence that Hamilton will ice in October,Nash should be a leader in the dressing room as he was in assisting Avtsin the year before he was injured.Go Brendan Go!

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