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  1. Enjoy, some of my friends here have played all their lives and I jammed a few times with them.
  2. Yea I've seen most of them, at least twice.
  3. Pretty much easier to pick music I don't appreciate.
  4. Tom was a lot more than a spare part in the Gomez trade, love the heart in this guy.
  5. Agreed he needs to bring it all this season, this is where he's wanted to play all his life,what can possibly be better for a French-Canadian hockey player.
  6. I remember Auld playing backup in Vancouver, can't remember what the #1 goalie's name but Auld actually was the better goalie. Naslund played great that season and Bertuzzi was suspended I believe. Anyways Alex Auld in my opinion stole a few games for the Canucks then he was traded to Florida.The 2005/06 season he played 67 games and won 33 and he was the backup for Dan Cloutier who should never have been a #1 in my recollection.
  7. I really think Benoit is going to be a great player for the Habs, he's had a half season so far with his linemates and the Habs. The meager time he played in Minny probably hindered his development, given the preseason and a full year with Gionta and Gomez he should flourish.His two=way game will improve as no player can count on offense for a career these days,there is just too many talented players willing to give that extra bit for a job.
  8. He is signed up in the KHL until the end of 2010-11.
  9. I can see your point and most definitely the GM and Coaches see it, their have been moves made to take care if these problems continue. Eller ,Avtsin, Palushaj, Engqvist and Leblanc have all joined in the hunt for one of these jobs, so they better be ready to go because someone will be breathing down their necks to take their place not like other years.
  10. Next year the Habs will have so many prospects knocking on the door it will be hard to keep a job in Hamilton.
  11. Another hardworking centerman trying to get a crack at the AHL , The Habs have sure loaded up in the last three years.
  12. Thanks for your in depth on the difference in league play,etc very informative indeed. It's nice to read about it from an unbiased source with good knowledge of each league, thanks again.
  13. I know the Habs have replenished the system with Centers, but to have Quailer with his size and speed coming up would be such a bonus. You can never have to many centers,that was Montreal's thing in the 60's and 70's and 50's for that matter.
  14. Brock Trotter will be happy to earn $250,000, instead of making taxi fare in the AHL. :lol:
  15. Don't get to carried away these guys have to earn a spot on the Habs first and there will be lots of competition for every position for the first time in what 17 years? Gomez and Plekanec have earned their positions and I don't expect anyone to usurp either one of the top center spots, unless one of them are injured.
  16. Good to see Max back under contract, he is a great energy player brings it every shift.
  17. Good it just wouldn't seem right not having Max on the team, he ignites the team quite often I've noticed.
  18. Reading this quote just confirmed what I've seen and what I expect from Benoit. When he gains some weight and a little more speed the opposition is going to be facing a bigger threat from that line than last year.
  19. Tom has shown that he is more than a capable checker, he definitely has a offensive game as well he just needs a little more confidence in his abilities at this level.
  20. Max has impressed me the way he competes and makes himself of more value just bwhen you think he's Maxed out.
  21. Mac Bennett will have a spot on the Wolverines defence as a freshman he will be competing with Jon Merrill from the USNTDP he was Jarred Tinordi's partner. Both are considered offensive defencemen, the competition between these players should have coach Red Berenson Happy as last season their defence was lacking a good pointman for the powerplay. The Wolverines should find themselves back in the running as one of the top teams again after being topped by Michigan State last season.
  22. It's nice to see that you are 2nd on the depth charts for Habs prospects behind Louis Leblanc. Give it Mac can't wait for you to be on the Habs Defence.
  23. After playing in the WJC this year on the first and second lines for Russia and playing well if not great. It appears Trunev remains unsigned at this point, I'm wondering if he will be at the July developement camp. This could be his chance to be truly evaluated by the Habs staff, it seems Avtsin will not be as he has signed on for another year with the newly formed OHK Moscow Dynamo of the KHL.
  24. Welcome back from the injured list, here's wishing you good luck in the future. The Habs really could use a player with your talent and size in their lineup.
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