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  1. It's been quite a wait (two long years)but it will be nice seeing Jarred playing for the Bulldogs.It sure looks like the Dawgs will be a force to reckon with this season and could be a banner year for the Hamilton fans after a season of futility last year.Tinordi certainly should provide the fans with some bone jarring hits as only a behemoth like he can produce.Go Jarred Go!

  2. The defence in Hamilton will definitely have offence from Nathan and plenty of leadership from the coaches and St. Denis and Nash.Bulldogs could have a Banner season once again with Desjardins holding down the goalie #1 slot and plenty of great prospects both forwards and defence,it will be a treat for the fans after last year's debacle.

  3. If Louis Leblanc,Gallagher,Geoffrion,Palushaj and Dumont are joined by all of the rookies and other veterans like Desjardins,St.Denis and Nash this team could be really amazing.AHL fans are in for a treat like they haven't witnessed since the Habs old farm team the Nova Scotia Voyageurs in the 70's.

  4. From TSN:

    "In an interview with Larry Brooks of the New York Post, Wayne Gretzky suggested that the Conn Smythe Trophy should be renamed after Hall of Famer Jean Beliveau and that the Montreal Canadiens legend should be present when it's presented each year."

    Works for me,,,,,,,,,,long overdue. :)

    More here


    What player could ever personify,the MVP of the playoffs better than Jean Beliveau,the ultimate team player.

  5. hahahaha! idiot!

    Lucic Involved In Yelling Match With Girlfriend

    Stanley Cup hero Milan Lucic was questioned by police early yesterday after he and his girlfriend got into an altercation in the North End.

    According to a police report of the incident, the Bruins left winger was “highly intoxicated and hostile” after he and his galpal argued outside a Starbucks on Commercial Street shortly before 1:30 a.m.

    Witnesses told police the 6-foot-4, 220-pound hockey player was yelling at his girlfriend, who was on the ground, and at one point threw her shoes and purse at her. However, the woman told police she was not physically assaulted and “was adamant about not being harmed,” the report states. Police “did not observe any visible injuries,” the report says, and Lucic was not charged.

    Bruins spokesman Matt Chmura confirmed that the team was “aware of an incident that took place in the North End early Tuesday morning involving Milan Lucic.”

    “We are addressing the matter internally,” Chmura said. “At this time we have no further comment.”

    from Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa with Megan Johnson of the Inside Track at the Boston Herald

    Apparently the shoes and purse didn't match the rest of her outfit Milan was wearing,so he gave them back.More to come in the near future on Lucic's dressing apparel and his girlfriends opposition to it in public!

  6. Mac Bennett and Greg Pateryn both Hab prospects that are on the defence of the Michigan Wolverines.Mac had three assists and a +5 and Greg had 1 goal and 2 assists and a +5 for the game last night against St.Lawrence University. Michigan won the game by a score of 10-3,their Captain Luke Glendenning had a hattrick he's a senior and hasn't been drafted.

  7. CBC ..... the over-the-hill-mob (Cherry, Cole, McLean, et al). TGFRDS (thank goodness for RDS).

    Don Cherry after watching the Bruins and Chara get away with the Pacioretty incident,believes he can say and do whatever he wants,the same as the Bruins.The NHL in all of its wisdom have crossed the line so often and rubbed the viewers faces in their garbage so many times,I believe they are trying to find out whether we are deaf,dumb and blind.Well I have seen enough to last me to my grave,the constant barrage of insults to our intelligence leaves me dumbfounded,I was under the impression fans were appreciated not only that,but necessary.

  8. Well another season starting for the Huskies this one with Steve Quailer as a new Asst.Capt. against the Mass. Minutemen,a team that Steve has had some success against 2goals and 3 assists.For anyone interested the game is online for free in HD,at GoNU.com/xstream tonight starting at 7:00 EST -4:00 PST.Go Huskies Go!

  9. From HIO:

    The Canadiens were never the same – especially after Chris Campoli got his skate caught in the ice and suffered what looked like a nasty lower-body injury. He left the ACC on crutches, and Damien Cox Tweeted a hamstring: out for three weeks.

    If that's the case, then 3 weeks isn't the end of the world. It should give Yemelin some much needed ice time.

    Agreed Yemelin can use the icetime and by that time Andrei Markov may be ready.It would be nice to have our best defenceman back for the rest of the year.

  10. My thoughts about the refereeing in the NHL and the people in charge of suspensions in the NHL as far back as Clarence Campbell have been playing hardball with the Habs as a team.All other teams seem to fall under a different umbrella that doesn't allow the horse manure to fall on them.The point I have to make is that why is it that the former players in charge of the policing,aren't chosen from former Canadiens.This would seem prudent when considering the injury to Pacioretty and the ire that has come on the NHL due to its lack of acting on Chara. Instead within a week of Chara not being suspended they get the AHL president to throw a 10 game suspension at Gabriel Dumont one of the Habs prospects.Tell me that wasn't the proverbial warning shot thrown at David Molson for opining on the Chara incident.This type of biased punishment by the NHL Officianado makes me sick,how can they honestly say anything about Good Sportsmanship let alone man's inhumanity to man.Shanahan you suck like your buddy Campbell,obviously it's the same old mentality,let's dump on the Habs.Change the focus from headshots to a Conspiracy against the Habs how dumb do you really think people are?

  11. My guess is that Campoli can see the direction the Habs team is going and filling in for injured players on a playoff bound Habs is a better choice than the Rangers,Oilers or the Lightning.I'm wondering if there is bonus money involved that might bring his contract to $2.5 mil.,which is what he was awarded in arbitration with Chicago.At $1.75 the Habs have themselves an insurance player in case of injuries.Getting players during the season has been costly the last couple of years (a 2nd & 5th round draft pick for Wisniewski)Maybe this year things will change and the Habs will be healthy and the dearth of defencemen PG has brought to town will bring back some of the picks we traded,to stay competitive.With the addition of Campoli the Habs have 16 defencemen under contract between Montreal and Hamilton.Out of those dmen only Nash is expected to be out for 4-6 months with a shoulder injury.It appears PG isn't taking any chances of losing draft picks again this season.(once bitten twice shy)Good signing Pierre Gauthier.

  12. The depth the Habs have on defence is really quite something,looking back early this summer I wondered how good the defence would be.Now with Campoli added there seems to be choices of the type of defenceman the Habs want to play.Woywitka was one of those players I hoped Montreal would have drafted and I'm glad PG signed him.

  13. Chara leaves scrimmage with leg contusion

    Monday, 09.19.2011 / 3:10 PM / News

    Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara left the scrimmage portion of his practice session early Monday during training camp at TD Garden after taking a shot off the inside of his left leg.

    "Right now it's a contusion and we'll evaluate as we go along here," Bruins coach Claude Julien said. "This is training camp and if he needs an extra day here, we'll give him an extra day. If not, then he'll be back on the ice tomorrow."

    Yeah I could see him getting leg confusion by the time the thought takes to get there the game would be over.Sorry if my humor is a little off I haven't been able to sleep waiting for Habs Hockey to start.

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