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  1. Finally get to see Engqvist with some bigger minutes at the NHL pre-season level.Should do good on faceoffs and the PK.
  2. Woywitka playing his old teammates this should help make the game interesting,I can't help but notice the size of the defence for the Habs tonight.Huge hard hitting players other than Weber and Diaz,who should see time on the PP.
  3. I'd like to talk with Joan of Arc,Thomas Jefferson,Doc Holliday,Sitting Bull,JFK and to numerous others from history to name.Hockey players Beliveau,the Rocket again too many to name.
  4. No relation to Rick or Steve Nash.
  5. Sounds like the Habs have another great team leader in Nash,he has gone the extra mile to make sure his teammate Avtsin transition from Russia has been much easier.This from Avtsin on Habs website,Gauthier just keeps picking up the best free agents available.
  6. I'm listening to an interview between Brian Wilde of CTV Montreal talking with Ian Carnegie of All Habs.net.Talking about all things Habs,a really good conversation about our team in the middle of summer.
  7. Pierre Gauthier doesn't suffer fools well.Hockey is a business after everything is said and done.
  8. Hi Fred I was perusing the Habs Developement Camp roster and see that Chris Rawlings and Steve Quailer are there.I'm hoping that the Habs sign both and draft Jamie Oleksiak,Cronin is doing some marvelous work with the kids he has had.
  9. Listening to Diana Kraal on Bravo in surround sound with the girlfriend and Hercules the Reluctant Pitbull PR.He's lovin it,dog's got more rhythm than a lot of human's.
  10. I've seen both on numerous occasions but, never together great musicians.Thanks FH10.
  11. Don Cherry is a giant amongst the media involved in hockey,he has the heart of a Lion King.
  12. Yeah I do watch daily just a little piece of herring dangling awaiting some presence.
  13. I watched Beat the Drum Slowly with Robert DeNiro when he was real young great sports flick.(baseball)
  14. I wonder if Alain Berger will be called up during the playoffs to give the Habs fresh legs with presence.Any way you cut it this signing can only be good for the organization.When I seen him play and fight #11 reminded me of Yvon Lambert,just a little bigger left winger.
  15. This kid could be the second coming of Yvon Lambert,great on the PP and can hold his own with the scrappers.I can't wait for three years to see this guy,hopefully he takes some big strides with the Bulldogs.
  16. Thanks for keeping updated progress reports on Quailer,I really had hoped he would be in Hamilton.No sense rushing the kid let's see how he does after another summer working out to be ready for pre-season.
  17. Then to top it off the media interviews Ron Wilson,Brian Burke's lackey.He states it's hockey what's next someone gets hit by a puck and the guy shooting gets a suspension.That's so far removed from Chara's 6'9" and 255lbs directing Max's head into the stanchion making his head the brakes at full speed,it's sickening to hear these guys. It's more than obvious the coverup is in full swing when Wilson is making his statement before the game last night followed in the first intermission by Don Cherry making the same absurd comparison.Chara's actions were taken when the period had 16 seconds to go and they were 40 feet away from the puck,that action is completely illegal.As an impartial observer that knows the rules of the game will see that and call it the way it was.Chara's arm and his hand directed Max's head into the stanchion, never mind the speed of the game (these guys live at least 25% of their lives playing at that speed)clearly Chara accomplished what he intended and tries to act like it's normal.For him it is because he has gotten away with so many hits like that in his career. He thought the league would give him a pass again,which they did but the QPP are not going to be deceived by double crossing money mongers telling them "that's hockey".For God's sake this is our national sport the public is more than aware of what is illegal and not,so don't belittle yourselves trying to help these idiots trying to sweep the incident under the carpet.
  18. I have a Purebred Pitbull born September 7,2009.Many are the times people have asked if he's a black Lab,but he's seventh generation Pitbull and the smartest and gentlest dog I have owned.His name is Hercules and his Registered name is PR Black Rhino.
  19. Thanks to PG for giving the team a present like you for the playoff run.The Habs were really pressed due to a rash of injuries worse than last season.Good game last night by the way,we've had our share of problems with Carolina.
  20. Halpern was never expected to be more than a defensive centerman with an offensive upside.It will be great to see one of our centers make him expendable,but keeping him in the fold until that time is why they signed him.
  21. Hab fans will be pleasantly surprised with Sopel he can run a PP and PK.Watched him play for the Canucks for a few years and he's a good defenceman.Pierre got a sweet deal getting Brent,welcome to the playoff bound Montreal Canadiens.
  22. Mara played well otherwise the Habs wouldn't come out with two points against the best team in the league.The Habs played as a team and won despite all the changes on defence.
  23. Another good signing (Free Agent) PG has made some very astute moves and isn't afraid to pull the trigger.Great job Brendan enjoy the call-up and hope it turns into full-time work.
  24. Halpern is a really solid pickup and I for one hope he stays and signs on for a couple of years.
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