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  1. Quailer always had that explosive quality in his skating,I hope he still has it or regains it.
  2. Sanford is a better goalie than Auld in my opinion,it's good to know the Habs can always call him up if there are injuries.Knock on Wood!
  3. I think when the Habs traded O'Byrne and got Michael Bournival,Lapierre's days were numbered.
  4. Pyatt can skate like the wind and has played great for the Habs on the PK which has been 1st or 2nd most of the year.
  5. I hope they are one of the top four also would like to see them in the Final Four.Cronin has built quite a team for Northeastern good for College Hockey all around.
  6. I'm sure PG isn't throwing away his draft picks for a rental player,not his style.Wisniewski has his hands filled tonight against the Flyers,hope he gets it going early tonight.
  7. He was good enough for the Habs to sign him a year before he came over,that's not a customary signing.My guess is they signed him before his contract ran out with Djurgarden,while other teams were waiting for his contract to expire.He could become a regular on the Habs checking line and be a fill-in for the second line center if there are injuries,for the present time he's getting his feet wet with a little icetime in the NHL.
  8. It looks like Andreas Engqvist has been called up to fill in for Jeff Halpern,so Lars Eller will probably be looked to play wing for Cammalleri.The Habs have depth the only thing is their experience,I guess this is how they get the experience.
  9. The Hamilton defence is going to be pretty solid as Nash gets experience and Stejskal joins him.Both these defencemen Nash 23 /6'3 218lbs and Stejskal 22 /6'3 210lbs are the same size and play hard hitting hockey with ability to play the PP and PK.They just need to get used to the long schedule in the pro ranks and learn the faster pace of the AHL and the NHL.When that happens the Habs will have homegrown defence;Markov,Subban,Nash,Stejskal,Bennett, Tinordi and possibly Klubertanz they will need lots of work (2years in Hamilton first)But it is conceivable that all the Habs defencemen could be homegrown talent in three years.
  10. Michigan suspended two players yesterday Tristan Llewellyn defenceman and Jacob Fallon forward.The importance of this to Hab fans is that Mac Bennett an offensive defenceman with growing defensive prowess will now get more icetime in his freshman year.The Habs drafted Mac from Hotchkiss High School after an injury kept him out of the game for most of his draft year.This of course let him fall to the Habs in the 3rd round at the 79th pick,Mac is a really talented player whose bloodlines in the NHL go through three generations.I watched his uncles play and they were hardnosed don't screw with me types and good players.His grandfather was the goalie that had Maurice Richard score his 50th goal in 50 games and a very good goalie in that era.Bobby Orr is his agent and represents his interests with the Habs organization,he is going to turn some heads when he makes the NHL(Drafted in 2009)
  11. Playing for the NYI's certainly gives him some insight about carrying big expectations,and Pierre brought him to the Habs for his two-way game.When the Habs are healthy his game will improve in a hurry and its pretty good right now for the picks we gave up to get him.
  12. Mac Bennett scored his 1st NCAA goal against Michigan State Spartan's,the 2nd time this season they shutout the Spartan's and 1st time ever in one season.Bennett's game is looking really good,skating,passing shooting and positional play are all good.The Habs picked a good quarterback and defensive defenceman in this youngster.
  13. I am shocked that the Isles traded him,I figured he would be a career Isle. The interview they had with him speaking in French made me think that he is overjoyed to be a Hab. Agreed Having James on our defence will give the opposition nightmares trying to figure out how to keep both of them in check,never mind keeping their heads up when they are on the ice.Great move by PG again our organization is quality throughout from management to the prospects in Hamilton,the Habs are starting to look like our teams in the 60's and 70's.Go Habs Go!
  14. Well Sanford pretty much stole the game for Hamilton another shutout.If need be I'm sure he would make a great backup for Carey.
  15. Andreas will most certainly be up with Montreal and quite likely a starter next season.His two-way play is pretty good and has been noticed in Hamilton a young team but leading their Div.and defence being a big reason they are on top.Hard to say but 3rd line center should be his to lose next year.Go Habs Go,Go Dogs Go!
  16. It's Twelve days until Christmas,so we all know who's been naughty(Flyers),(Leafs)(Bruin)and Nice the Habs and far to nice in my books.Giving Edmonton,Detroit,and Toronto the same week Ugh! and double_ugh!!Points are due for the boys in Red,White and Blue! Go Habs Go!
  17. Always an upgrade each year, Jeff Halpern being a player Bob Gainey has wanted for a few years.Finally he waited on hold for The Habs to resign Carey Price and he became a Hab.Great move and now we can see what the fuss over Jeff was all about.
  18. Thanks Fred Simon I'll be watching the game against Boston tonight that promises to be a good one.I want to see Oleksiak play as well he sounds like a promising Defenceman,Quailer must have his timing back so I'm looking forward to this game.
  19. Finally Steve Quailer gets his first goal of the season,the year off has left him a little rusty.Sounds like he's finally getting his timing back, with the way Northeastern is playing this year they are playoff bound and can use the offensive touch Quailer has again.Go Steve Go! This guy is going to look good in Hamilton next year,he probably will be on a line with Avtsin and Desharnais.
  20. Pyatt can never be accused of giving his all every time he's played as a matter of fact it seems to me each player who has sat out really brings their game when they get their next chance.The competition can only make the team better in the long run.
  21. The game Friday is against Ohio it will be on the Big Ten Network at 7:00 EST or 4:00 PST.
  22. After watching Mac's play yesterday,I was impressed the Habs have a good one in Bennett.The reason he has sat a couple of games is that the Wolverines have eight solid defencemen.Which is good considering their top forwards aren't as good as anticipated.That fact should increase Bennett's playing time later this season.
  23. Looking Forward to watching Mac Bennett today on the Big Ten network Michigan-Minnesota, also Greg Pateryn on defence both on Michigan playing for Red Berenson.Go Mac Go!
  24. I believe he plays with Weber on the PP in Hamilton, as it's his first year in the pros, the Habs don't want to rush his learning process.He looks like he may join the Habs one day but probably a couple of years yet.
  25. Wut? the___does that mean if it means anything at all?Stamkos is playing like he was billed a surefire star hockey player.He plays through all the same media attention all players of his ilk have had to.His image with the fans is just as high profile as any player that accomplishes the feats he has.
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