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  1. Put them on injured reserve,and then Philly will get their wish a fight with the Habs.It's really sad to see the Flyers still trying to be the Bullies from Broad Street again 40 years after the Habs beat them at their own game.I guess they need a refresher course.Go Habs Go!
  2. My thought was the Habs should bring up Conboy,White,Schultz,Henry and Bonneau as the starting lineup for Monday's game in Philly.Then we'll see about their petty little minds come up with then.
  3. Agreed looks like Pierre has his eyes on the prize to me, the moves made this off season were all designed with our team in the playoffs and the youngsters are getting premium icetime in Hamilton.They are learning the game but not with the stress of being scared to make a play or mistake.
  4. I would much rather our prospects learn the pro game in the AHL before they come up and get knocked from pillar to post and vice versa.They learn to keep their heads up and not get into positions that leave them prone to errors that create scoring chances for the opposition.Hamilton is the best choice until they are deemed ready for the speed and rigors of the NHL game.
  5. Neither do I but I like to point out positive things not point out any negatives.Being a fan my way.
  6. Why can't we as fans just enjoy our team and players when they are playing well instead of looking for negatives.Hockey is a sport we watch and enjoy because it's our game and the Habs are the best team in the sport by far over the past century.I see Brian Burke has to deal with fans ridiculing Phaneuf (Booing him in Toronto's games)Anyways signing Halpern is paying dividends already and I'm glad Gauthier signed him.
  7. The Habs certainly have a few different prospects that look like NHLers. Andreas with Pacioretty and Palushaj as a powerplay unit seems to be working for the Bulldogs.
  8. It sounds like I ruffled your feathers a little, my opinions are mine not that of Red Fisher or anyone else, as or yours. You are entitled to your own opinion last I looked.
  9. Everybody knows who Halpern is now, pretty good pickup.
  10. I believe Jacques Martin is doing a good job with the youngsters, Guy Lafleur took three years to learn and he was a great player.Pouliot was thrust into the 2nd line after riding the pine in Minnesota with Lemaire as his coach. He did well and now the Habs can take there time with him,Benoit will prove it was worth the exercise.
  11. If Jeff keeps scoring at the rate he is 50 points is not out of the question, not a bad signing for a fourth liner with small time on ice.
  12. Actually Halpern was the player Gainey was after three years ago when he signed with Tampa which led to the signing of Metropolit.
  13. As we all know neither Darche or Pyatt should be on the 1st or 2nd line,as a experiment I believe it was a lesson in futility.At least Pyatt has the speed to get back and recover if there is a turnover, that was the limit of success that I would have excpected.
  14. Well Alex Auld gets the chance to steal a couple of points, this is why we have a backup.He has to be on top of his game when called upon, so good luck Alex you have a pretty good defence in front of you.Shut these Islanders out and be our first star that will give the Habs confidence no matter who is in net. Go Alex Go!
  15. Benoit is going through a learning process the way most young scoring prospects do, as Eller is doing.By the middle of the season we should see some big changes in their all round game and they should be able to step into whichever position Jacques puts them.Go Benoit and Lars Go!
  16. At least Pyatt has the speed to keep up and can be the defensive presence the line needs.
  17. Halpern is really going to show his worth down the stretch winning the faceoffs in those close games, the very reason the Habs will be playing better 5 on 5.The other centermen can take some pointers from Jeff about faceoffs. Halpern is really going to show his worth down the stretch winning the faceoffs in those close games, the very reason the Habs will be playing better 5 on 5.The other centermen can take some pointers from Jeff about faceoffs.
  18. Well \I'm thinking it must be time for Max to get his second hattrick the Isles better watch out.The first line carried the load last game we're due for some goals from the defence and the 3rd and 4th lines.Gionta's line is due also. Go Habs Go!
  19. His play in Hamilton says he's ready to play every night, so when someone gets injured I wouldn't be surprised to see the Habs bring him up.
  20. Seems to me the signing of Halpern was a big one after all and he will just bring the same game night after night. Go Jeff Go! Even strength goals from the 3rd and 4th lines are what change a team to contenders. It takes the pressure offf of the top two lines and gives everybody confidence.
  21. He looked pretty thin at 187 lbs he could probably gain another 15-20lbs on his frame, he would be extremely hard to move at that weight. He's going to be a Hab within 2 years the prospect pool is getting deeper finally.
  22. Steve has gained 13 lbs this summer he's now 6'4 and 200 lbs. he will be a good prospect for next years team.
  23. There is no way that he intended to injure him on that play,he wasn't head hunting or anywhere close to it.Max think before you leap into a spot like that again.
  24. Benny and the Jets should catch flight against Buffalo they played some of their best games there.
  25. Downie did a pretty good imitation of what Lapierre is supposed to do to him.
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