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  1. I just came back from watching Louis's team lose to my hometown SJ Seadogs (5-2) last evening.....but it was a treat watching him out there

    But got to see him score off the bat...

    The Juniors took a 1-0 lead in the sixth minute of play when Montreal Canadiens prospect Louis Leblanc banged home a rebound produced by a Francis Meilleur point shot to make the fourth goal of his season of the power play variety. Meilleur and Philippe Lefebvre both drew helpers on Leblanc's man-up marker.

    Man he's got speed....& likes to go to the net....I was well entertained by his game.....even after his powerplay goal...he had a breakaway chance.....as well as other good scoring opportunities in the game.

    Will post a few pics of him in the photo's thread later,out skating in the warm up.....and also got to say hi to him after the game along with pic taken of us.....very nice/friendly kid.

    Here are a few pics...











    Thanx for the photos Louis Leblanc this guy is going to make the team next year.

  2. The true test of strength down the middle is the faceoffs won which gives control of the puck and increases time with the puck at even strength, on the PK and PP. Getting the puck from the faceoffs can only help, then the Habs are not chasing the puck all night.

  3. I still don't think we're strong down the middle. Almost every team has four "legitimate" NHL centers. Just because they're NHLers doesn't make them great players compared to other centermen around the league. If Plekanec goes down, is Halpern going to fill the void? I doubt it.

    No Eller would fill the void .

  4. Halpern and Boyd give the Habs four centers that are NHLer's which makes the Habs deep down the middle. Which has been a weak spot in the roster and the opposition knew it. Now with a full healthy defence there will be no weak spot through the Montreal Canadiens lineup. There will be no easy points when teams play the Habs this season. There will be lots of Happy Hab Fans.

  5. Pouliot played another good game this time on his regular line, he does have talent and he has only been a Hab for less than a year. It's sad the expectations some of the fans have for our players, give Pouliot a chance to play at least one season before cutting his legs out from under him. Offering constructive criticism is one thing if you watch the player and you know what your talking about. These are our players,we are their fans if you haven't anything constructive to say then say nothing or cheer our Habs don't be ignorant or rude and boo them. I really hope that we as fans never have to hear these boobirds again let's hope our home opener will be as classy as our Montreal Canadiens.Go Habs Go!

  6. Quailer was back on the wing for most of last weekend's exhibition game. He looked tentative at times, but it was good to see him back on the ice.

    First regular season game is tonight at Providence.

    Quailer looks like a good prospect, anybody know of a station that carries NU's games.Thanks.

  7. I think they're the same height but halpern has maybe 15lbs on belanger.

    IMHO they are extremely similar players. Halpern put up less points last year, yes, but he was in a different role than Belanger for most of the season. Different team philosophies, different linemates etc. Put them in the same situation with the same quality of mates & same icetime & i think you'd find their numbers would be much more in line with one another.

    It is my hope that either would be a depth move anyway - if just 1 or 2 of our youngsters step up, these guys will see far less quality ice time meaning whichever was on the team is moot.

    Just my 2¢


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