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  1. Well I hope you enjoy a good game in nets for the Habs, nothing like getting thrown into the fire. Good luck Alex I hope you win your first regular season game for the Habs.
  2. I wonder if Max's boxing lessons will help him against Komisarek.
  3. Max Lapierre one of the homegrown Habs has made the scouts look good and the system.
  4. I think his line will be ready to run and gun this year, they all seem to be in great shape.
  5. I watched him play in the WJC last year and he is definitely not Briere,he has talent and does things at high speed but no huge upside that I seen.
  6. BP would work I know two people that have those initials and everybody calls them BP.
  7. We have a year to wait before Trunev's contract is over, then the Habs can sign him and whisk him off to Montreal.
  8. Ben would be a better option for center with the Leafs than some they have, Kaberle and Kadri are the only players I would take in trade. The leafs can sure use some offense so maybe there are a couple of our prospects for one of them.
  9. Benoit Pouliot was playing a good solid hockey game tonight, I wish I could say the same for AK. I think that if AK doesn't act like he cares the Habs could go for another prospect of Nashville Zach Budish and send AK to join SK. Zach Budish and a second round pick for 2011 draft for Andrei Kostitsyn, this would be a good trade for everybody involved.Pouliot looks good and ready to go.
  10. If he doesn't get claimed in all likelihood he will be packaged and dealt to give the Habs room for other prospects coming out of college and so forth.
  11. Happy Birthday Benoit Pouliot and many many more.
  12. A good season for grinders is 15 goals or that's what their aim is I hope Max hits 20 goals just like most of us on the Forum it will have special sentiment in dining.
  13. Well I know Brian Burke would be interested in trading but what can he trade, Nazem Kadri, or Thomas Kaberle now either of these guys would catch my attention and having Kaberle would strengthen our defence immensely. Kadri on the other hand could be a great player if he gains another 20 lbs of muscle.Anyways there is always Nashville with Zach Budish hulking big center we need.Minnesota has Colton Gillies big tough power forward, if we stand to lose a prospect let's find a trade and stockpile draft picks or get more prospects.Pierre Gauthier hasn't been sitting on his hands so look for some of these moves this year.
  14. This should be Pouliot's breakout season, everything has rolled his way he has the chance to be one of the top six. He gained the muscle the Habs asked him to gain and appears to be in good shape like mid-season form.I am in Benoit's corner for now and I'm sure he won't disappoint me.
  15. I was really looking forward to seeing what Ben was capable of in training camp. I think he has too much talent in front of him to get a spot on the Habs roster.
  16. That is a bit of a poser, probably in the case of an injury to Gomez or Plekanec. Pouliot should probably keep putting on the muscle that can only help his cause.
  17. I think given the time Benoit's game will be as a two-way forward with offensive upside. In other words a complete player,maybe the Habs should give him a shot at center his original position in junior.
  18. Great for Max he's a credit to the Habs name as a classy team! Way to go Lapierre!
  19. That line is going to be a good one for the Habs this year, they will provide secondary offence.
  20. Thanx again FH#10 I'll get it done yet. :lol:
  21. How does one put the image on Photobucket I'm getting a little confused. Thanx S.Bah
  22. It would take another GM with Sammy Pollock's skill and luck to put together a dynasty in the salary cap world but never say never. Go Habs Go!
  23. The Habs are finally getting the depth of talent they used to have in the 70's, these prospects are lucky to arrive as the team has huge promise. The Habs are only going to get stronger in the next couple of seasons barring injuries.Go Habns Go!
  24. Let's see what he can do with different linemates Moen ,Maxwell and Pouliot they have size,speed and talent and a little toughness.Go Habs Go! I like Pouliot and it's just a matter of time before he stars at the NHL level, just my opinion.
  25. The Blues better hope that the other team gets more than 30 shots against every night or its going to be a long season for them.
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