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  1. Even better the Habs won't be getting pushed off the puck like they were last season. Which means they will have the puck more often and should score more often 5on 5. The Habs are definitely a bigger team Subban gained 15 lbs, Pacioretty gained 10 lbs. and Eller is 6'2 200 lbs, Avtsin is 6'3 200 lbs, those five are offensive minded players Top Six or powerplayers. It sure is starting to feel like the Habs of old when they always had quality players in the farm system.
  2. I can't remember where I read it but, it sounded like Halpern was waiting to sign with Montreal as soon as Price was signed. He had been waiting the whole summer to sign with the Habs, it's nice to see players wanting to come to Montreal to play again.
  3. We always have Sanford and he was a reliable backup to Luongo when he played in Vancouver. So goalie depth isn't a problem the Habs have done a good job covering for Halak being traded.
  4. Apparently he gained the weight in muscle 10 lbs. and worked on his quickness. So I hope the same as all Hab fans that he has a breakout season along with Pacioretty.
  5. That would be a good move if he could play for the Montreal Juniors along with Ian Schultz. Leblanc, Avtsin and Schultz would make a great line in the QMJHL. If none of them make the cut. That would give the Hamilton team with room for all the Prospects that can be taken on waivers.
  6. This year the Habs will actually have some choices that have the ability to step into Top Six positions and excel.
  7. He will be playing in Hamilton if he doesn't make the Habs.
  8. Thanx Forever Habs #10 I'll get to it later today.
  9. That's great, I just need to figure out how to put the sig on my board.Thanx for the artwork S.Bah
  10. It's so gratifying to see these new prospects beginning to show their value to the fans and the Habs. I hope he's as good as the europeans figure he is top line scoring forward.
  11. I can see a line for Hamilton with Andreas,Andrew Conboy and Ian Schultz,lots of size on that line they would give Engqvist lots of room with those guys on his line.
  12. That's good news it may be pretty difficult to get a roster spot on the Habs this season.
  13. Jambalaya and homemade apple strudel with whipped cream, all really good. Take your time I'm in no hurry, just glad you're able to do this for me Thanx again S.Bah
  14. Hi Clues CRB has posted a picture in Training Camp that picture would be perfect,thanx again S.Bah
  15. Yeah I watched it last night interesting show, I'll be watching again tonight.
  16. I thought at first that looks like Joonas Nattinen, I'll try and find one if you can give me a couple of hours I'm just sitting down to dinner Thanx S.Bah
  17. Still asking for help making a Alex Avtsin signature #36 please somebody.
  18. I'm thinking that most of the male gender has them and the russians found out about it and gegan cloni8ngt after all their losses agaqinst Team Canada. I'm thinking that most of the male gender has them and the russians found out about it and began cloning after all their losses against Team Canada.
  19. I guess that one was a little over the top.
  20. Actually there may be a difference Pouliot is more of a mystery than Cammalleri. The white looks better for the writing, just my opinion.
  21. I 'm thinking of changing my sig form Plecky to Avtsin believe his # is #36 If you can help Thanx and I would love to be the first with his sig.
  22. I have a feeling the toughest guy in camp may be a Russian and his country has Ian in it. Alex has got the kohonees to earn a spot in the Habs lineup that's my thought, and Schultz will make it on ability.
  23. Agreed, I am just hoping that he has that potential.
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