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  1. Some players skill level will make it detrimental to send them to the AHL. I think most GM's knew his skill level they just didn't trust the Russian factor. Learning to play on smaller ice can be accomplished at the NHL level and when players have a high skill level some stay at the NHL to learn.
  2. Apparently Avtsin compete level is off the chart so don't be surprised at what he can accomplish.
  3. Someone has a position to fill if Eller is injured, it wouldn't surprise me to see Avtsin take that spot.
  4. That's what training camps are for to evaluate the prospects and see where it will be most beneficial to the players development to play. I believe it was established that he has a pretty good ability to speak English, so getting used to playing in smaller arenas will be the biggest hurdle for him to cross. This could be accomplished in the AHL or the NHL depending on his skill level, it sounds like his time would be better spent with the Habs with his skill.
  5. Good enough to dominate play in rookie camp.Day1.
  6. Guerin has been a great player and team player, if he can be had for 1mill. he would be a steal.
  7. No that's Bobby Rousseau's old number.
  8. Well from what I recall three seasons ago when Weber was a rookie in Hamilton, Carbonneau was going to give Carle a shot with the Habs but he got injured in a pre-season game and he hasn't had much luck he keeps getting injuries and stiff competition from other Hab prospects or UFA's.
  9. I say these things after following every article I could find about him over the last year or more. Big things are expected for Avtsin in Russia and they have been watching him play for a few years. So even though I only see clips of his play so I will defer to those that have compared him to Ovechkin and expect great things as they do.
  10. I know that this in no way will appease you, but Halak will be back in Montreal for signings I'm sure. You can always get Carey Price's autograph anytime though and I have a feeling it will be the more sought out than Jaroslav's in the long run.
  11. Never count a guy like Ryan out he's the type of player that will do all the little things the coach asks, which makes him valuable.
  12. Now Benoit if you've heard the term the eagle has landed let's make everyone else aware it was you they were talking about.
  13. I think this kid is the most under rated prospect in the system at the moment, this won't last long mark my words, he may be our best RW in decades.
  14. Yes that's a mind blower, who would have thought that Kilmer Could have sung most of those.
  15. I would like to say there is one band I like but they are to numerous to mention Dooby Brothers,Lynard Skynard.Rolling Stones,Eagles, Edith Piaf,Tino Rossi, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Buddy Guy, George Thorogood,BBKing, Howlin Wolf,Willie Dixon and the Chicago All Stars and the list is endless.
  16. Sarnia sounds like a real rock "n" roll kinda town.
  17. But does that mean they weighed him in full gear as well?
  18. He is now 6'0 and 190lbs up from 5'9 176lbs when drafted.
  19. I didn't think Lapierre would still be playing for the Habs a couple of years ago.So he's really shocked me the way he keeps taking his game to a different level, I can't wait to see what he has in store for the opposition this year.Max hasn't had linemates like the Sedin's even for a couple of games,so my thought is his game is probably ahead of Burrows already. Mind you I may be a little less objective than others. Go Max Go!
  20. I think the mindset for Benoit this summer has been to bulk up so that he can't be pushed off the puck so easily and can park himself in the goalies crease.This would make sense given that Gomez is setting him and Gionta up all of the time,and both Gionta and Gomez are pretty good defensively.
  21. The way Max has played it isn't outrageous to suggest that 20 goals is a possibility, I too would love to be there to watch .
  22. I know people that know people that are like that.
  23. This was Montreal teams in the past bread and butter without which the Big lines would have had to carry the teams. The reason or part of the reason the Habs were so successful was that every line was relentless in forechecking and secondary scoring from all players. If the third and fourth line players were scoring 15 goals and 10 respectively the Habs would win the Cup.Look through the history of the Habs and you will find players that would be front line players as checkers for the Habs.
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