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  1. I know it's only 4 games in but it seems like Halpern is filling Moore's role quite nicely, and for 50% off!
  2. I'm from Canuckia, false. The poster below me has a habit of chewing their fingernails.
  3. Nah, but I'm not a hater. IMO, haters just make bieber more popular. The poster below me is a CFL fan
  4. Uggh. I literally just shuddered at that thought....
  5. False, desktop iMac (although it uses a lot of laptop parts). The poster below me has eaten at a restaurant in the past week.
  6. I still think that having Price and Plekanec is better than having just Halak. Halak would've likely been given 3.75+, which means we don't sign Pleks, and the team is a mess. What use is Cammalleri without a decent centre? Sure, you could put Cammy - Gomez - Gionta, but what are you going to do on the second line? Pouliot- Boyd- AK? Also, if we don't sign Pleks, who scores his 70 points? Who plays all of his PK minutes? Halak is a great goalie, and IMO right now he is better than Price. However, Price is 2 years younger, and perhaps 2 years from now it'll be a different story. Bottom line, look at the Finals this year. Niemi vs. Leighton. Two incredible goalies , and this year's SCF had a sparkling display of goaltending on both ends of the rink . PS: Best of luck to Halak in St. Louis
  7. I think I agree that Pouliot is a big part of this team's possible success this year; in equal part with AK46. Look at our two top lines, we have two pairs of productive forwards (Gomez & Gionta, Cammalleri & Plekanec), and two very unproductive forwards (Pouliot and Kostitsyn). Imagine if Pouliot and chipped in 25 or so goals. Gomez would likely have 10-15, Gionta 25-30. Imagine if Gomez and Pouliot could elevate. That would be one scary line. Looking at the other line, Imagine if Kostitsyn threw his size around and didn't fall into a stone cold slump for 40 games. Another very threatening line.
  8. "He's 180 yards out, he's gonna use about an 8 iron here"
  9. Good contract. The term makes Lapierre play hard, and the dollar amount is exactly what a bottom 6 should be making.
  10. Pirate Radio: 5/10 Could've been so much better, but fell short and it was way too long. I found the movie just had a few too many heartwarming and "righteous" moments, and it just makes you feel sick.
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