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  1. I know it's only 4 games in but it seems like Halpern is filling Moore's role quite nicely, and for 50% off!
  2. I'm from Canuckia, false. The poster below me has a habit of chewing their fingernails.
  3. Nah, but I'm not a hater. IMO, haters just make bieber more popular. The poster below me is a CFL fan
  4. Uggh. I literally just shuddered at that thought....
  5. False, desktop iMac (although it uses a lot of laptop parts). The poster below me has eaten at a restaurant in the past week.
  6. I still think that having Price and Plekanec is better than having just Halak. Halak would've likely been given 3.75+, which means we don't sign Pleks, and the team is a mess. What use is Cammalleri without a decent centre? Sure, you could put Cammy - Gomez - Gionta, but what are you going to do on the second line? Pouliot- Boyd- AK? Also, if we don't sign Pleks, who scores his 70 points? Who plays all of his PK minutes? Halak is a great goalie, and IMO right now he is better than Price. However, Price is 2 years younger, and perhaps 2 years from now it'll be a different story. Bottom line, look at the Finals this year. Niemi vs. Leighton. Two incredible goalies , and this year's SCF had a sparkling display of goaltending on both ends of the rink . PS: Best of luck to Halak in St. Louis
  7. I think I agree that Pouliot is a big part of this team's possible success this year; in equal part with AK46. Look at our two top lines, we have two pairs of productive forwards (Gomez & Gionta, Cammalleri & Plekanec), and two very unproductive forwards (Pouliot and Kostitsyn). Imagine if Pouliot and chipped in 25 or so goals. Gomez would likely have 10-15, Gionta 25-30. Imagine if Gomez and Pouliot could elevate. That would be one scary line. Looking at the other line, Imagine if Kostitsyn threw his size around and didn't fall into a stone cold slump for 40 games. Another very threatening line.
  8. "He's 180 yards out, he's gonna use about an 8 iron here"
  9. Good contract. The term makes Lapierre play hard, and the dollar amount is exactly what a bottom 6 should be making.
  10. Pirate Radio: 5/10 Could've been so much better, but fell short and it was way too long. I found the movie just had a few too many heartwarming and "righteous" moments, and it just makes you feel sick.
  11. I joined in November of 2005. Wow, I would have only been 11 at that time (15 now). I was born into a Habs family, parents and brother are huge Habs fans, grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc. All Habs fans, except for one traitor "Crosby fan". I assume that I was quite the illiterate and annoying little 11 year old, but I hope that in the last couple of years I've become a better member of this forum
  12. Jennifer's Body- 7/10 (Hear me out on this one) Avatar- 4/10 Jen's Body- It's obviously a "so stupid it's funny" movie, which it is, and it's pretty funny to watch with a group of friends with that mindset. ("OW! My tit....") Avatar- Effects are mindblowingly out of this world, but the story and plotline are absolute garbage. (Not to mention the human military technology in year 2150 or whenever it takes place is worse than today's technology)
  13. Avatar- 9/10 (Story is predictable, but still good) Effects are mind blowing.
  14. Queen is probably my favourite band, followed by Rush, and AC/DC in no order.
  15. I just can't fathom why he wasn't signed...Urrggh it makes me mad. Who would you rather have on the second line? Koivu, or Pleks? It's no contest. No offense to Pleks, but Koivu is in another league.
  16. I was pretty happy with how Bergeron played last night. Especially for being the 1st NHL game and all this year. I hope the Armstrong hit doesn't amount to anything, but I think he's fine.
  17. I'm still not happy with casual "see ya later" to koivu by management. Honestly, would you rather have Pleks on your 2nd line, or Koivu? It's no contest.
  18. Well I agree with the second point, but the first statement is incorrect.
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