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  1. Sometime players just stop responding to coaches. At that point there is only one solution.
  2. They ended up pinned a few times and got a few penalties because of it. Maybe Carbo figures its better to let them get pinned rather than one of the first two lines? Not sure, but maybe he truly believes that our third and fourth line can handles defensive duties while our top two focus on scoring.
  3. Hi folks; Name; Robert Born; NFLD Live;Calgary Habs fan ever since I could watch hockey. Age; 28 Fav current Hab; Kovy All time; Roy Favorite quote; Roy was asked by a reporter who he would prefer to face on a breakaway- Gretzky or Lemieux? He promptly replied " Doesn't matter, I'll stop them both" That or the Roenick comment" I can't hear him, my 2 stanley cup rings are plugging my ears"
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